Concrete Curing Blanket
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Xtreme Model Electrically Heated Industrial Grade Concrete Curing Blanket 5ft x 10ft Max Temp 100F
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Wholesale: $1549.34 / each
Online Price: $1239.47 / each
Product Attributes
Amps 6
Application Designed to Insulate and Help Produce Concrete Strength
Color Gray
Material Flexible Graphite / Thermostat / Electrical / Industrial Grade Vinyl
Size Heated Size: 5 ft x 10 ft, Finished Size: 6 ft x 11 ft
Specification ETL Certified to UL, CSA, CE Safety Standards
Style Insulated
Thickness 3/4"
Trade Name
Type Concrete Curing Blanket
Voltage 120
Wattage 720
Product Weight 29
UOM each
NEVER pull, drag or lift the blanket by the POWER CORD NEVER use underground, worn or damaged extension cords NEVER connect to a higher voltage NO serviceable parts inside DO NOT OPEN DO NOT plug in more than the maximum blankets allowed per circuit Patch repair the vinyl cover immediately if ripped or torn NEVER connect the blankets to a power source when rolled or folded A ground fault protection device must be used with this heating device INSTRUCTIONS: ? Be sure the work area is free of hazards such as exposed sharp objects ? For best results it is important to place the side that is not marked ?COLD? or ?TOP? toward the surface area requiring heat ? Once installed and secured, safely connect to a properly grounded power supply ? After use always fold the blanket as defined in the care and maintenance instructions
Powerblanket Xtreme MD0510G Electrically Heated Concrete Curing Blanket: Those in the concrete and construction industry know that cold weather can have detrimental effects on the concrete curing process. In the winter, concrete cures more slowly, unless of course, the fresh concrete is protected and perhaps heated externally to create an environment for the concrete to cure faster. Concrete hardens, gains strength, and attains desirable properties at a rate proportional to the temperature at which it is cured. The (ACI 306) defines cold weather as when the air temperature has fallen below 40 ?F (4.5 ?C). Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to concrete. The revolutionary new design provides uniform heat across the entire Powerblanket, eliminating any hot and cold spots. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance-free heating solution, which eliminates the hassle of dealing with cold weather. If an effective heating solution is applied during the curing process, concrete will cure faster and stronger. A successful concrete heating solution reduces downtime, saves time, and increases profits. Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets provide a phenomenal and efficient means for curing concrete in the cold weather months. Save time and money by protecting your business from the havoc of cold weather, without the side effects that come from using accelerators. Powerblanket concrete blankets speed the curing process by 2.8 times, and help to accommodate hydration in the concrete. These electric heating blankets come in various lengths and sizes. So whether your job is big or small, simple or complex, Powerblanket has you covered, literally! Powerblanket Xtreme MD0510G Multi-Duty Electrically Heated Concrete Curing Blanket: ? Quickly heats to a preset 100 ?F / 38 ?C (? 10 ?F / 3 ?C) ? Provide cold weather concreting strength of 3,925 in 72 hrs ? Cures concrete 2.8 times faster than conventional blankets ? Rugged outer shell made with alloy infused industrial-grade vinyl ? Rated for temperatures as low as -60?F ? 120-Volt, 720 Watts, 6 Amps ? Heated Dimensions 5' x 10', Finished Overall Dimensions 6' x 11' ? Maintain moisture throughout hydrating process ? Thaw ground and frost from job site prior to pour ? Maintain ACI compliance for cold weather concreting ? Reduce downtime & increase profitability ? Prevent a freeze cycle ? Easily installed and removed ? ETL certified to UL/CSA/CE safety standards
Freeze Protection - With many unpredictable weather conditions year after year, it is critical that your equipment and materials are protected from freezing through the winter months. In a study conducted by the University of California for Atmospheric Science in 2000, they noted that more economic losses occur due to freeze damage in the United States than to any other weather related hazard. Experts in freeze protection for wellheads, pipes, pumps, valves, manifolds, tanks, equipment, and much more, Powerblanket solutions save on labor costs and eliminate downtime and expenses associated with replacing frozen equipment. Powerblanket freeze protection products are energy-efficient and cost-effective freeze protection solutions for even the harshest outdoor environments. Forget heat trace ? Powerblanket products offer the ultimate in freeze protection. Process Temperature Control - For heating, cooling, or advanced temperature control. Keep your processes at optimal temperatures. Process heating in the industrial and manufacturing business can play a huge part in the efficiency and success of an operation. Powerblanket makes it easy to take control of heating in your processes. Because not all processes in manufacturing and production are the same, custom solutions are often an appropriate fit for process temperature control. Process temperature control requires the best tools and equipment that will perform at the highest level, yet are simple to use and get results. Our process heating and cooling solutions align with our goal to offer Total Temperature Control, regardless of the application or industry. We provide solutions to problems, and do it with the highest quality materials and the fastest turnaround time possible. Improve Flow & Viscosity - Control viscosity and increase flow without scorching or damaging critical materials. Flow rate and viscosity are two factors that can greatly impact an operation?s success. Temperature, for both flow and viscosity, is the dominating influence for improvement. The higher the temperature is, the lower a substance?s viscosity is and the better the flow. Powerblanket makes it easy to improve flow and viscosity. Powerblanket offers various ready-to-ship products, from bucket and drum heaters to ibc tote heaters. We can also produce custom solutions for most applications. If you need help with viscosity reduction and improved flow, Powerblanket has you covered. Chemicals - Ensure that heat is evenly applied to keep equipment operational and chemicals safe. Temperature maintenance drastically affects the performance of certain chemicals. Allowing temperatures to drift from the optimum range negatively affects process repeatability, reaction optimization, throughput, and quality. The even heat of Powerblanket will ensure that equipment is reliable and safe. Unsafe, hazardous, or uncontrolled processes will ultimately cost more to operate. Powerblanket chemical solutions are safe and efficient. Oil & Gas - Protect your assets against the threat of failure, downtime, and hazardous conditions. Companies within the oil and gas industry understand that their operations are expensive. Assets can range from a heavy-duty pipeline or frac tank down to the products and equipment used to service them. Powerblanket products can help protect assets against the threat of failure, downtime, and hazardous conditions. Construction - Concrete, ground thawing, roofing, spray foam, painting, and others benefit from using Powerblanket during cold weather. Food & Beverage - Food and beverages require constant monitoring to maintain safe food handling and storage temperatures. Too much heat often leads to spoilage and waste, while too much cold can allow for expansion and damaged packaging. Food & Beverage heating and cooling solutions by Powerblanket properly maintain custom temperature ranges for your specific food products.
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