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Humidity Alert II w/Remote Probe
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Wholesale: $94.70 / Each
Product Attributes
Set Point Adjustable
Power Supply AAA Battery
Display Type Triple LCD
Color White
Application Checking building comfort levels, provide warning when humidity levels get too high or too low
Temperature 14°F - 140°F
Style Humidity, Dew Point
Cord Size 1 ft 6"
Overall Size 4.3" x 3.9" x 0.8"
Type Temperature Alarm
Product Weight 0.4
UOM Each
  • High/Low humidity alert with audible and visual alarms and adjustable set points
  • Sensor probe clips onto meter or extends on 18" (457mm) cable
  • Max/Min with Reset function
  • Rear calibration adjustment pot for Humidity and Temperature
  • NIST certificate option available (NIST must be specified with order)
  • Complete with built-in stand, wall mount bracket, remote sensor and 2 AAA batteries

Remote probe allows for measurements behind walls or in difficult to access locations
Air temperature and dew point temperature indicate where condensation may occur
Monitor conditions in laboratories, storage areas and other controlled environment settings
Ideal solution when traceable ISO calibrations are required by operating standards
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