OSK/110/308 8" Belt 110V AC Belt Oil Skimmer
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Online Price: $190.99 / each
Product Attributes
Belt Material Polyurethane
Belt Reach 8"
Belt Width 1.18"
Input Voltage 110V AC
Max Temperature 140°F
Operating Speed 36 rpm
Removal Rate 1 gal/hour
Style Belt
Type Skimmer
Product Weight 6.6
UOM each
The Belt Oil Skimmer removes tramp oils (hydraulic oil, spindle oil etc.) from coolant
tanks, CNC machines, part washers etc. Removing tramp oil from coolants increases the
life of metalworking fluids & cutting tools & additionally ensures good working conditions by
reducing odor.
Extremely compact design makes it fit on almost all CNC machines or even through a 2" dia. bung hole on a 55 gal. drum.
The Oil Skimmer has a built in Decanter / Oil Separator. The Decanter collects the oil and
coolant that is picked up by the skimmer and separates it by means of gravity. The oil is then discharged to a disposal container and the coolant is discharged back to the coolant tank.
This returns up to 90% of the coolant in the skimmed liquid emulsion and sends only waste oil in trash, saving tremendous cost due to almost full coolant recovery.
Lightweight non corroding Aluminum Die cast Construction.
Oil Skimmer is fitted with a magnet on the bottom which allows it to be installed on any
metal base with a hinge.
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