28229 Replacement Color Changing Activated Carbon Cartridge for 28227 Disposal System
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Unit Price: $489.87 / each
Product Attributes
Application Aerosol Can Recycling
Material Polyethylene/Carbon
Specification EPA40 CFR 261.23(a)6
Type Cartridge
Product Weight 9.2
UOM package of 2
Aerosolv® Super System includes the same items as the standard system with the addition of a lockout and shutoff mechanism that positively seals the unit and the drum when not in use, eliminating the escape of hazardous vapors while the system is at rest. A padlock with key is included to insure against use by unauthorized personnel. The Super System is also easier to keep clean as dirt and grime slide off its Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)® coated body. A convenient, color changing combination coalescing/carbon filter signals saturation and eliminates premature changing of upper activated carbon cartridge.
Activated carbon filter cartridge indicates saturation and serves as a replacement reminder. For #28227 (2 pack).
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