Small Diameter Cutting Wheel
4-1/2"x0.045"x7/8" Type 1 60-Grit Ceramic Right Angle Grinder Small Diameter Cutting Wheel
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Product Attributes
Abrasive Material Ceramic
Application Material Steel, Stainless Steel, Tooled Steel, Iconel, High Nickel Alloy, Titanium
Arbor Size 7/8"
Diameter 4-1/2"
Grade Medium
Grit 60
Operating Speed 13300 RPM
Specification CER60S
Style Right Angle Grinder
Thickness 0.045"
Type Small Diameter Cutting Wheel
Type Number Type 1
Product Weight 0.068
UOM each
With Tiger Ceramic, there's no more compromise. Now you can maximize your time on the job with a superior combination of life and cut rate for maximum productivity. Self-sharpening and cool cutting, Ceramic grain removes material effortlessly while a hard bond keeps working longer.
  • Thin cutting wheels deliver accurate, clean cuts with less pressure.
  • Contaminate-free Ceramic grain provides a worry free solution for stainless steel applications.
  • Cool cutting Ceramic grains grind at lower temperatures and with less friction, reducing heat discoloration of the work piece.
  • Unmatched life means more cuts and more material removed over the life of the wheel.
  • Self-sharpening Ceramic grain delivers more fracture points, resulting in high cutting performance throughout the life of the wheel.
  • Less pressure is required to achieve consistent material removal rate for over the life of the wheel, reducing operator fatigue.

Heavy Stock Removal
Scale Removal
Weld Removal
Weld Blending
Edge Beveling
Torch Cut Edge Softening
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