Diesel Fuel Treatment
Diesel Fuel Additive 1qt Vehicle Maintenance
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Product Attributes
Application Diesel fuel in storage tanks at rate of 1 gal per 500 gals fuel in winter and 1 gal to 1000 gals fuel in summer, vehicle tanks 8 oz per 50 gals fuel
Color Clear
Container Size 1 qt
Container Type Bottle
Flammable Yes
Flashpoint 117°F
Physical Form Liquid
Specific Gravity 0.8330
Style Concentrated
Type Diesel Fuel Treatment
Product Weight 15
UOM case of 12
Blend of solvents, emulsifiers, lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors that dissolves and removes sludge and fuel deposits from storage tanks, fuel lines, pumps, filters, and burners. Solubilizes the heavy oils and waxes that form sludge and deposits. Will not interfere with oil/water separators. Pour-point depressants keep fuel free-flowing in cold weather. Cetane improver prevents spitting and sputtering at the burner and allows fuel to burn more evenly in the combustion chamber for reduced knock and clatter.
  • Modifies wax crystals preventing low temperature flow and filter plugging problems
  • Raises the cetane performance of the fuel resulting in easier starts and better operation
  • Improves the stability and quality of fuel during storage and retards fuel deterioration that may occur during long term storage
  • Prevents deposits of insoluble gums in the fuel system and on internal parts, particularly diesel injectors
  • Moisture-displacing corrosion inhibitor protects fuel storage tanks and engine fuel system components from rust and corrosion damage

Add to diesel fuel in storage tanks at rate of 1 gal per500 gals fuel in winter, and 1 gal to 1000 gals fuel in summer. for use in vehicle tanks, 8 oz per 50 gals fuel. stabilizes fuelby displacing moisture, adding lubrication, increasing cetane levels and preventing wax and gum residues from depositing in engine parts.
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