Diesel Fuel Conditioner
32oz Bottle Clear Berkebile 2+2® Fuel Conditioner & Cetane Booster
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Wholesale: $173.04 / case of 12
Online Price: $129.72 / case of 12
Unit Price: $10.81 / each
Product Attributes
Application Conditions and boosts cetane level in diesel fuels
Color Clear
Container Size 32 oz
Container Type Bottle
Flammable Yes
Flashpoint 142°F
Physical Form Liquid
Specific Gravity 0.7800
Type Diesel Fuel Conditioner
Product Weight 24.9996
UOM case of 12
BERKEBILE 2+2® Diesel Cleaner/Booster is a premium diesel supplement used to improve the quality of low sulfur and high sulfur diesel fuel. It also boosts the Cetane number, improves MPG and power, cleans the fuel system of harmful deposits, and adds lubricity to improve engine life.
  • Boosts Cetane Number and MPG!
  • Prevents Fuel System Icing!
  • Removes Harmful Wax Deposits!
  • Increases Fuel System Lubricity!
  • Extends Life of Fuel Filters, Injectors and Pumps!
  • Effective in all Diesel Fuels Including ULSD!

Diesel Fuel Winter Additive
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