Diesel Fuel Treatment
5gal Bottle Complete Fuel Treatment™
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Product Attributes
Application Dissolves gums, varnishes, and carbon deposits
Color Amber
Container Size 5 Gal
Container Type Bottle
Flammable No
Flashpoint 145°F
Physical Form Liquid
Specific Gravity 90° at 25°C
Style Automotive Additive
Type Diesel Fuel Treatment
Product Weight 39.75
UOM each
Complete Fuel Treatment™ - is a Year Round Diesel Fuel Treatment that not only prevents fuel gelling, waxing, fuel line freeze-up, but significantly cleans fuel systems and critical engine and exhaust components. Complete Fuel Treatment™ uses clean burn technology that helps prevent clogging of emission system components and Improves fuel efficiency plus increases power by burning the fuel more completely. Complete Fuel Treatment™ Reduces emissions, engine wear, stabilizes fuel. Lubricates critical engine components and eliminates the harmful effects of water in the fuel. Cleaning and lubricating these parts allows your engine to operate with all the power and efficiency that the manufacturer designed into it.
  • Complete Fuel Treatment™
  • Removes Water from Fuel
  • Burns Clean
  • Prevents clogging of exhaust components
  • Improves Cetane Rating of Fuel by 4 to 6 points
  • Provides Lubricity to meet or exceed all OEM Specifications
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors and Pumps
  • Dissolves gums, varnishes, and carbon deposits
  • Improves Fuel Atomization for Greater Efficiency
  • Stabilizes Fuel - Slows Oxidation of Fuel
  • Provides anti-gel protection - will lower CFPP up to 25°F & PP 40°F
  • Increases MPG
  • Contains no harmful alcohols.

Complete Fuel Treatment™ - One 5 gal. container safely treats up to 5,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel. For best results add Complete Fuel Treatment™ before every fill up, or before storing engines or vehicles
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