Aircraft Cleaner
5gal Pail Simple Green® Faint Detergent Clear Concentrated Aircraft Cleaner
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Application Aircraft Exteriors
Container Size 5 gal
Container Type Pail
Fragrance Detergent
Style Aircraft
Type Aircraft Cleaner
Product Weight 46
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Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision Cleaner is a non-caustic, water-based breakthrough solution for cleaning and degreasing metals, plastics, and more. Its combined high soil capacity, superior grease-cutting ability, and clean-rinsing formula prevent redeposition of soils, ensuring fast, effective, and high precision cleaning. Designed to inhibit corrosion during cleaning this formula can be used on aluminum, carbon fiber, high tech alloys, structural metals, paints, protective coatings, and more. Our optimized formula avoids oxidizing finishes, rusting surfaces, and degrading plastics, making it ideal for maintaining structural metals, hoses, seals, and factory finishes.

  • Superior grease-cutting formula cuts through tough, built-up grease, oil, dirt, and more.
  • Non-flammable, petroleum-distillate-free formula is an ideal alternative to caustic cleaning solvents
  • Optimized formula for cleaning structural metal, plastic parts, rubber and painted surfaces
  • Cost-effective concentrated solution can make up to 4 times the original container for heavy cleaning and 14 times the original container for light cleaning.
  • Tested against a variety of aircraft specifications to meet precision cleaning needs
  • Formulated with an anti-corrosion agent to battle corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and oxidation while cleaning.
  • Use with parts washers, pressure washing equipment, ultrasonic washers, pump-up sprayers, foamers, proportioners, carpet extractors, rack wash systems, dip tanks and more.
  • Manually clean with spray and wipe or mop and bucket applications.
  • Used-solution can go through oil/water separators and clarifiers
  • Readily biodegradable formula biodegrades into base elements within six months of entering a sanitary sewer or septic system

Ideal for use on engines, aircraft, vehicles, metals, plastics, high-tech alloys and more. Apply to structural metals, factory finishes, hoses and seals.

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