Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
5"L 100# Pull Red/Blk Plactic Handle Magnet w/ MagnShields
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Wholesale: $13.71 / each
Product Attributes
Finish Black/Red Plastic
Grip Type Vinyl
Magnet Size 4-1/2" x 1"
Pull 100 lb
Size 5"
Type Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Product Weight 1
UOM each
Catalog Page BBV11, Page 02-154
  • Magnet is encased in durable, red plastic shell with easy-grip, ergonomic rubber handle
  • Includes two magnetic shields to block magnetic strength when not in use, allowing easy storage in a toolbox without attracting other tools
  • Lifts up to 100 lbs
  • Magnets are rated by pounds of pull in a vertical test
  • Each magnet"s entire magnetic surface is tested against a 1/2" thick ground steel plate
  • If the item you wish to lift is thinner than 1/2," is not ground flat, or does not cover the entire magnetic surface, actual holding capacity could be much lower
  • Painted surfaces also tend to reduce tested strengths
  • This item is supplied or manufactured by a Small and/or Diverse US Business

Great for retrieving and moving metal items such as shelves, sheeting, and pipes.
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