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30" x 60" 6-3060L Plastic A/C Secondary Condensate Drain Pan
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Wholesale: $49.15 / Each
Product Attributes
Bottom Length: 60"
Overall Width: 62"
Color: Black
Contents: Drain Pan, PVC Drain Fitting
Application: Capture condensate from air handler or condenser unit to drain away from equipment
Depth: 2"
Fitting Size: 3/4"
Model Compatibility: Any Unit under 30" x 60" Footprint
Overall Length: 32"
Specification: Southern Building Code
Material: ABS Plastic
Bottom Width: 30"
Type: Drain Pan
Material Thickness: 0.065"
Product Weight 12.5
UOM Each
3/4" PVC fittings are included with each pan. No seams, no rust, and no leakage. ABS materials will not put out toxic smoke. Complies with Southern Building Code.
  • Rolled Edges for Durability
  • Ribbed Bottom for Rigidity
  • No Seams
  • Complies with Southern Building Code

Collect condensate run-off and drain away from condenser unit
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