7.5 Mfd 370 Vac Oval Run Capacitor
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Discontinued Item
Wholesale: $3.55 / each
Product Attributes
Application For compressors and motors
Housing Material Steel
MFD Rating 7.5µF
Shape Oval
Style Single
Temperature Range -13°F - 185°F
Terminal Type Quad Blade Quick Connect
Type Motor Run Capacitor
Voltage 370 VAC
Product Weight 0.25
UOM each
Catalog Page BBV11, Page 09-39
Facts About Capacitors
Capacitors are rated by microfarads (uF) and voltage. The rated capacitor should not be changed since the motor operates at maximum efficiency when using a specified capacitor size. However a plus or minus 10 % rule of thumb applies to the microfarad rating when changing out a capacitor. If necessary, the replacement capacitor voltage rating can be higher than specified, but not lower without effecting the capacitor life.
. Always replace the run capacitor when installing a new motor. If a defective capacitor is in the circuit the motor will probably not run. If it does run, it will operate as if it is overloaded. The motor speed will be low; it will overheat and probably activate the motor overload protector causing short cycling.
. Capacitors can hold a charge for long periods of time. To prevent shock the capacitor should be discharged before it is removed. The proper procedure to do this is to use a 5000 to 20000 Ohm bleed resistor.
Features:. Non - PCB biodegradable synthetic oil. Physical interrupter for safety. Operating temperature -13°F to + 185°F (- 25°C to + 85°C). Microfarad uF tolerance +/- 5 %. Drawn steel case construction. Quad blade quick connect terminals. Hermetically sealed
  • Air Conditioning Compressors
  • Refrigeration Compressors
  • Furnace Blower Motors
  • Condenser Fan Motors
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