Fluid Analysis Service Collection Kit
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Accuracy 98.9%
Application Hydraulic fluid analysis kit
Number of Pieces 14
Size 6 oz
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Type Fluid Analysis Kit
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Determining The Health of Hydraulics Fluids
    Fluid is the lifeblood of every hydraulic power system. Knowing what's in hydraulic fluid is crucial to keeping it in good health-and keeping systems at peak operating performance. Vickers Fluid Analysis Service, offered by Eaton Hydraulics, is an industry leader, capable of detecting the fluid contaminants that cause up to 90% of hydraulic system failures. Eaton's Southfield, Michigan laboratory provides Eaton distributors and customers with comprehensive fluid testing and diagnostic services on demand. Eaton's lab analyzes hydraulic fluid samples and pinpoints sources of contaminants that can be contributing to poor system performance. Analysis services can help reduce catastrophic equipment failure, maintain optimum component performance, and identify any substandard maintenance practices. Overall, the bottom line benefit is increased productivity.
Getting Started
    Begin the analysis process by drawing hydraulic or lubrication system fluid using an Eaton fluid analysis kit. Following kit instructions, simply place the fluid sample in the kit's ultra-clean specimen container and send it to Vickers Fluid Analysis at the address on the container. Upon receipt, lab technicians immediately go to work to determine the health of the hydraulic fluid, using sophisticated computer programs and laboratory diagnostic equipment.

Testing includes:
  • Photomicrography: Detects fluid contaminants, including size and type
  • Viscosity Analysis: Measures fluid flow rate
  • Water Analysis: Determines water content in a fluid
  • Drawdown Particle Isolation: Detects insoluble contaminants in fluids, including insoluble particles and organic and inorganic matter
  • Automatic Particle Count: Counts the number and size of particles in a fluid sample, then defines contaminants according to size distribution and quantities
  • Spectrographic Analysis: Evaluates the condition of additives in a fluid, which aids in assessing fluid cleanliness levels
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ASTM 1508): Pinpoints contaminant types, which aids in identifying their origin
  • 24-Hour Turnaround: Within 24 hours, the lab provides users with an accurate fluid analysis that is covered in the cost of the kit.
Included in each analysis is a detailed report and photos of the contaminants in an easy-to-understand format, plus tips on improving or maintaining current fluid condition.
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