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Whether you need to lock it up or lock it out, Master Lock Company has the solution. Our recognized brands – Master Lock® and American Lock®, have served commercial and industrial businesses for over a century. We are your trusted partner with the experience and portfolio to help you solve your security and OSHA-compliance safety lockout needs. Our broad range of padlocks offer the security and weather resistance options you need to secure perimeter gates, equipment and more.Choose keyed, combination or connected models to fit your access requirements. We offer end-to-end safety solutions that that support your compliance with OSHA’s lockout tagout regulation.  Our proven Zenex™ and Aluminum Safety padlocks are available in multiple colors for you to assign by employee, department or function. Our easy-to-install lockout devices are designed for efficient electrical, valve and group lockout.  We offer on-site safety lockout program and procedure development and training and auditing.