ARC Abrasives Inc
ARC Abrasives is one of only two Surface Conditioning manufacturers in the U.S. From our own in-house material, we produce all forms of abrasive products, including belts, quick-change discs, and flap discs. We continuously strive to provide proprietary products and brands like PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid, and Z-WEB Surface Conditioning. Our commitment to the highest ratio of performance vs. price compliments our large offering of abrasive products for the metalworking industry. Our Direct Sales force are available throughout the United States with expanded support networks in the Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest regions of the country. This expansion complements our long-standing tradition of service to the Eastern seaboard and the Midwest. We’re bringing on more seasoned abrasives veterans each month to support your requests and be more responsive to your needs than ever before.
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Abrasives include the machinery and materials that remove stock, and smooth, shape, polish, or debar surfaces. Abrasive products are designed to accommodate the demands of these and related operations according to the level of aggressiveness needed for each. Brushes, debarring tools, coated and non-woven abrasives, and bonded abrasives are commonly used abrasive products.