Showa BannerFor 50 years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products has pioneered world-class product solutions that meet the challenging demands of commercial facilities while outperforming and outlasting the competition. Products tailored and designed to address the distinct needs of many different environments can be spotted rolling through the corridors of hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, office buildings, restaurants and airports around the world. From bath mats to the BRUTE® to the first resin-molded mop bucket, a lot has happened since 1968, but RCP’s commitment to manufacturing excellence has never wavered. Today, RCP is proud to be the global leader of the commercial cleaning industry, delivering exceptional products that simply work better than the rest. With better products, the people who use them work better. After 50 years in the business, RCP is an established global leader, trusted partner and pioneer of exceptional products that outperform and outlast the competition.