Plumb Weight
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Plumb Bobs

A pointed weight that is suspended from a string and used to find a spot on the floor that is directly beneath a specific spot overhead. The weight of the bob keeps the string taut while the pointed end would indicate the spot directly below.

Type : Plumb Bob
Plumb Weight Tip Material SKU Price/UOM
Plumb Weight Tip Material SKU Price/UOM
Material Brass
Material Brass
8 oz Steel 1116-908BR 16.27/EA
8 oz Steel 2143761 14.99/EA
12 oz Steel 1116-912BR 24.41/EA
12 oz Steel 2143762 22.31/EA
16 oz Steel 1116-916BR 28.60/EA
16 oz Steel 2143763 25.70/EA
20 oz Brass 0209870 64.41/EA
20 oz Brass 0210543 53.00/EA
20 oz Brass 0210590 79.11/EA
20 oz Brass 0210595 93.97/EA
20 oz Rubber 0262349 112.04/EA
24 oz Steel 1116-924BR 35.97/EA
24 oz Steel 2143764 39.23/EA
32 oz Steel 1116-932BR 44.75/EA
Material Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
20 oz Stainless Steel 0209872 122.75/EA
Material Steel
Material Steel
6 oz Steel 2131316 24.25/EA
8 oz Steel 2102837 54.20/PKG
8 oz Steel 2143767 7.43/EA
12 oz Steel 2131318 31.86/EA
12 oz Steel 2143768 10.16/EA