Special Interest

Procedure Masks

Procedure Masks provide excellent bacterial and particle filtration combined with good breathability.

Type : Procedure Mask
Style Color Material SKU Price/UOM
Style Color Material SKU Price/UOM
Type Procedure Mask
Type Procedure Mask
Headbands Blue Rubber 1325262 30.32/EA
Pleated Blue Filtrate 1028373 32.34/PKG
Pleated Blue Polyester 1325386 20.44/EA
Pleated Blue 1325298 16.62/EA
Pleated Orange Filtrate 1028372 63.50/PKG
Pleated Orange 1325281 26.33/EA
Pleated Orange 1325284 50.77/EA
Pleated White 1325280 12.71/EA
Pleated White 1325297 33.82/EA
Pleated White 1325377 30.03/EA
Pleated White 1325380 34.29/EA
Pleated White 1325381 24.38/EA
Pleated White 1325382 30.27/EA
Pleated White 1325383 27.93/EA
Pleated White 1325385 30.27/EA
Pleated Yellow Rubber 1325282 17.44/EA
Pouch Green Rubber 1325267 20.25/EA
Pouch Orange Polyurethane 1325279 78.01/EA
Pouch Orange Polyurethane 99868086 67.15/EA
Pouch White Filtrate 1028414 54.00/PKG
Pouch White Polyurethane 1325379 63.84/EA
Pouch White 1325384 49.22/EA
Visor Clear Plastic 1017990 6.74/EA
With Knitted Earloops White Filtrate 1028413 26.48/PKG
Wrap Blue 0622084 104.90/EA
Wrap Blue 0622085 190.84/EA
Wrap Blue 0622086 185.98/EA
Wrap Blue 0622087 156.84/EA
Wrap Blue 0622088 121.71/EA
Wrap Blue 0622089 138.37/EA
Wrap Blue 0622090 7.42/EA
Wrap Blue 0622091 187.50/EA
Wrap Blue 0622092 124.60/EA
Anti-Fog Orange 1325299 42.41/EA