Light Sleeve
1" x48" (1200mm) T8 Lumenite Light Sleeve
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Wholesale: $1121.60 / case of 10
Online Price: $897.30 / case of 10
Unit Price: $89.73 / each
Product Attributes
Style T8
Type Light Sleeve
Product Weight 0.353
UOM case of 10
Lumenite Light Sleeve
Lumenite Light Sleeves provide a guaranteed failsafe evacuation system that does not rely on your main power source or batteries, they work every time and require no testing or maintenance
  • Key Benefits
  • instant and fail-safe activation 100% reliable; always on; no hazardous delay period waiting for a generator to start; does not rely on maintenance having been performed, batteries being charged, or lamps & other components; nothing to fail
  • save money: low initial cost, quick & easy to install, no ongoing costs, no maintenance, no power usage, no batteries, no wiring
  • environmentally friendly: non toxic, non radioactive, no batteries, no energy usage
  • convenience: no tools needed, no alterations to existing fittings
  • safety and security: increased safety, increased security, areas kept illuminated under all conditions
  • glass containment: provides tube breakage protection, qualifies as a glass containment device
  • easy to install
  • Where to Use: In any space that could be occupied or used as an egress pathway where life or safety may be endangered in the event of loss of normal lighting.

Switch board rooms, Stairwells, Fire escapes, Hallways, and Exits
Elevators, Restrooms and Storage rooms
Mines, Subways, Train stations and Underground parking facilities.
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