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Hex Cap Screws and Hex Bolts

Hex cap screws feature a washer face under the head and a chamfered point, whereas a hex bolt has no washer face or chamfered threads. These fasteners are often equipped with features that prevent loosening such as nylon patches and pellets, left handed threads, or a drilled head for wire locking. Threaded hole joints that preclude the use of a nut may benefit from tap bolts, a kind of fully threaded hex bolt. From lightweight nylon and aluminum to higher strength silicon bronze, steel, and titanium, a number of material selections are available. The processes of cold forming, hot forming, and machining are key in transforming these materials into hex bolts and cap screws of a wide range of grades and specifications, satisfying strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and ductility requirements. Hex bolts and cap screws may be found in building and other construction projects, repair applications, woodworking, and machinery.