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Socket Cap Screw

Silicon Bronze Socket Cap Screws

This alloy is 96% copper and around 2 - 3% silicon. With very high corrosion resistance, it is commonly used in salt-water, fresh water, sewage, and atmospheric applications. It is quite durable and similar to low carbon steel in hardness. It is a popular alloy because of its combination of strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and weldability. It is commonly seen in architecture, marine applications, pumps and boilers.

Drive : Hex
System of Measurement : Imperial (Inch)
Grade: 651
Grade: 651
This predominantly copper alloy of medium to high strength is superior to medium strength steel. In addition it has excellent hot and cold working characteristics with very good corrosion resistance. Also known as Low Silicon Bronze.
Dia/Thread Size Length Finish Type SKU Pkg Qty Price
Dia/Thread Size Length Finish Type SKU Pkg Qty Price
#8-32 1/2" Plain Socket Cap Screw 0152699 EA 5.59
1/4"-20 1" Plain Socket Cap Screw 0179205 EA 20.98
1/4"-20 1-1/2" Plain Socket Cap Screw 0179207 EA 0.61
3/8"-16 1-1/2" Plain Socket Cap Screw 0179220 EA 44.68
1/2"-13 2-1/2" Plain Socket Cap Screw 0179228 EA 3.00