Dia/Thread Size
Special Interest
Flat Socket Cap Screw

Metric A4 Stainless Steel Flat Socket Cap Screws

Thread : Coarse
Material : Stainless Steel
Grade : A4-70
System of Measurement: Metric
System of Measurement: Metric
Dia/Thread Size Length Finish SKU Pkg Qty Price
Dia/Thread Size Length Finish SKU Pkg Qty Price
M3-0.5 6mm Plain M42510006A40000 EA 0.09
M3-0.5 8mm Plain M42510008A40000 EA 0.11
M4-0.7 8mm Plain M42530008A40000 EA 0.24
M4-0.7 10mm Plain M42530010A40000 EA 0.23
M4-0.7 12mm Plain M42530012A40000 EA 0.28
M4-0.7 16mm Plain M42530016A40000 EA 0.23
M4-0.7 20mm Plain M42530020A40000 EA 0.19
M5-0.8 8mm Plain M42540008A40000 EA 0.30
M5-0.8 12mm Plain M42540012A40000 EA 0.42
M5-0.8 16mm Plain M42540016A40000 EA 0.29
M5-0.8 20mm Plain M42540020A40000 EA 0.38
M5-0.8 25mm Plain M42540025A40000 EA 0.66
M6-1.0 10mm Plain M42550010A40000 EA 0.48
M6-1.0 12mm Plain M42550012A40000 EA 0.43
M6-1.0 16mm Plain M42550016A40000 EA 0.39
M6-1.0 20mm Plain M42550020A40000 EA 0.58
M6-1.0 25mm Plain M42550025A40000 EA 0.72
M6-1.0 35mm Plain M42550035A40000 EA 0.68
M8-1.25 10mm Plain M42580010A40000 EA 1.51
M8-1.25 16mm Plain M42580016A40000 EA 1.38
M8-1.25 20mm Plain M42580020A40000 EA 1.31
M8-1.25 25mm Plain M42580025A40000 EA 1.08
M8-1.25 30mm Plain M42580030A40000 EA 1.11
M10-1.5 30mm Plain M42600030A40000 EA 13.77
M12-1.75 30mm Plain 11507374 EA 7.37
M12-1.75 45mm Plain 11507375 EA 4.16