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Monel Hex Nuts

This 2/3 nickel and 1/3 copper material is an alloy developed by the Special Metals Corporation. It has very good strength and is similar in strength to medium carbon steel, however, due to its strength it has poor machining properties. Its composition also provides it with excellent corrosion resistance in specific highly corrosive environments of sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, alkalines. With the ability to retain its strength at very high and low temperatures it is one of the best materials to resist extreme elemental conditions. Applications include marine fasteners and chemical processing.

Type : Hex Nut
Finish: Plain
Finish: Plain
Nothing has been done to this bare metal surface to improve appearance or corrosion resistance, which is very low if the material is steel. Often the surface has been oiled which improves lubricity. This finish is susceptible to rusting and corrosion in exterior environments. This most basic finish can be used when protection is not an issue or indoors.
Dia/Thread Size Thread Grade SKU Pkg Qty Price
Dia/Thread Size Thread Grade SKU Pkg Qty Price
1/4"-20 Coarse 400 76205 EA 2.82
3/8"-16 Coarse 400 76213 EA 8.02
5/8"-11 Coarse 400 76219 EA 27.01
3/4"-10 Coarse 400 76222 EA 50.41
1"-8 Coarse 400 76228 EA 296.03