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Norseman Drill and Tool. America's finest high speed steel cutting tools. proudly manufactured in the USA

View this 10pc. Left-Hand Screw Machine Drills/Extractor set from Norseman Drill & Tool - ideal for removing broken bolts. The left-hand screw machine drill with a 135° split point and 3 flatted shank can work in tighter spaces. The square extractor is made of high carbon steel and will remove broken bolts quickly and efficiently. Made in the USA.

Masterlock. The global expert in lockout tagout solutions

Nothing is more important than keeping your workers and your facility safe. And nobody understand that better than The Master Lock Company. Click here to learn how Master Lock and Fastenal team together to provide safety solutions unique to your facility needs.

Norton Gemini

Get a fast, burr-free cut on steel and ferrous metals with Norton Gemini RightCut wheels. Featuring an aluminum oxide abrasive, Gemini cut-off wheels deliver a consistent performance at an economical price. Try Norton Gemini RightCut wheels for your cut-off applications.

Moldex Spark Plugs

Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity and unmatched durability for professional users. Whether it is world-leading M12™, M18™ or MX Fuel cordless systems, Milwaukee is dedicated to delivering a continuous flow of advanced, trade-specific solutions.

Walter Engineering

Better performance, greater process reliability, Xtra·tec® XT is a new generation of tools that combines efficiency and process reliability on a whole new level. When used in combination with the superior properties of Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials, the new arrangement of the indexable inserts opens up a new perspective on productivity. Never before has so much performance potential been available in machining – and never before has it been so reliable.

Procell. Power your profitability. Save time and money with new procell intense for high drain touchless devices. Shop now.

PROCELL® Intense batteries provide your high-drain touchless devices with up to 50% longer lasting performance*, so you can help keep your workplace healthy and productive. Learn more.(*vs. prior PROCELL AA, AAA, C and D batteries)

Predator 30% Cut Increase. Unmatched price & Performance. Arc

PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid is a proprietary hybrid grain that offers increased cut rates and an unmatched price-performance ratio to American manufacturing. Learn more about how PREDATOR can impact your metalworking needs by talking to your local Fastenal representative or click here to shop now.

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