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Shop Krylon

With easy-to-read product labels, visual management tools, product labels that feature clear descriptions and icons to locate key details and categories which are differentiated by color bands. Visual merchandising includes ID stickers and magnetized can holders to ensure the right product is used in the right place for a safer, more efficient workplace. Click here to learn more.


Introducing Gen-Tech™ set-style carbide-tipped band saw blades for general purpose cutting. Gen-Tech™ blades have a versatile, set-style tooth design for use on a wide range of materials and feature Hontex™ technology limiting chipping and enabling long blade life and productivity. Shop Here.

Louisville Ladder.

The FS1400HD Ladder series is ready for Heavy Duty jobs. It features the ProTop to keep tools handy while working, SHOX impact absorption system that protects the fiberglass railing from bumps, and Raptor Boot that offers slip-resistant footing. Choose the ladder that helps you get the job done. Shop Now.

Loctite Solutions

Take advantage of LOCTITE® Maintenance Reliability Solutions through Fastenal! LOCTITE ® offers proactive products (like Retaining Compounds!) and programs (like Maintenance Reliability Workshops!) that reduce your maintenance costs and prevent downtime. Schedule a LOCTITE Consultation with Fastenal Today!

Superior Glove

For those who work in industries where cut injuries are likely to occur, give your team the best protection. Superior Glove engineers some of the best protective equipment to meet the requirements of different industries. Their gloves are designed to be comfortable, and dexterous, while offering the right ANSI level of cut protection to keep hands safe and prevent injuries. Click to learn more.

Milwaukee Tools

Reduce costs by spending less on multiple corded and cordless solutions with a single battery platform. Mitigate workplace hazards by eliminating cords, gas and hoses. Contact your local Fastenal rep to learn more or shop now.

Shop Radians

Radians new line of hi-vis apparel gives women what they want: protection, comfort, fit, and style. Designed by women for women, each piece is thoughtfully constructed with features that women value, like narrower shoulders, a contoured waist, smaller arm holes, and hip allowances. Shop now.

Shop Norton

Designed for light-to-heavy-pressure applications, long-lasting Norton BlueFire wheels grind and cut a variety of materials with efficiency. For an excellent blend of performance and price, shop BlueFire grinding and cutting wheels. Shop now.

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