Green Statement

Fastenal’s green initiatives are a logical evolution of our lean quality initiatives, which are focused on eliminating waste, creating efficiencies, and continuous improvement. Our green approach is to continuously improve our green credentials, with smart resource use and optimized distribution routes representing two key areas of focus contributing to overall company sustainability and responsibility. Our green approach is also aligned with our government contract compliance processes.

It is our mission to operate our business with minimal environmental impact and help our customers do the same by offering green products and services to help them meet their sustainability needs and goals. This mission comprises the following initiatives:

  • Establish a green product offering from key suppliers for national distribution and clearly identify those products in our marketing materials, including our catalogs, brochures, promotions, and website
  • Offer recycling programs for lamps, ballasts, mercury-containing devices,batteries, printer cartridges and PPE safety products ensuring safe disposal
  • Partner with lighting specialists to assist in the planning, specification and implementation of retrofit projects
  • Capture and report green consumption data from customer usage reports
  • Receive electronic POs, invoices, and other business documents from suppliers and customers whenever possible
  • Encourage our customers to sign up for Electronic Invoicing via fax, email, or the web to reduce paper usage
  • Offer industrial vending solutions to help reduce wasteful product consumption and redundancy
  • Provide local service and solutions with more than 2,700 branch locations worldwide

What We Are Doing Today

  • We reuse or recycle most of our incoming packaging materials (cardboard, polystyrene, shredded paper, air bags, etc.), we use composite pallets and totes for shipping, and our corrugated boxes used for repackaging are made from post-consumer recycled content
  • Packaging reduction efforts at select distribution centers with our new automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). Reusable totes are used in place of cardboard boxes with this new system. Further packaging reduction efforts are also underway for incoming, high volume products.
  • We reuse pallets, repair when necessary, throughout distribution
  • Increased use of e-mail which greatly reduces the amount of paper used, business records are digitized to minimize hard copy document storage, multifunctional devices (for faxing, printing and photocopying) reduce energy and paper usage.
  • We purchase paper made from recycled content, and we recycle our office paper
  • We encourage staff and visitors to recycle bottles, plastics and aluminum cans by placing recycling bins at strategic points throughout our branches, distribution centers, and offices
  • We recycle our old computers as part of our IT replacement strategy
  • We recycle our spent fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries and printer cartidges
  • We have reduced the amount of our landfill waste by finding ways of recycling waste material, either in-house or in conjunction with others who are able to use the material constructively
  • We have developed e-learning opportunities for employee training in conjunction with the Fastenal School of Business to reduce miles traveled
  • Fastenal supports entities with a ban on single-use shopping bags by offering alternatives such as recycled paper bags and reusable bags
  • Reduced paper usage with electronic accounting practices

  • Our consumption of energy is also closely monitored and we take measures to ensure that it is not wasted
  • Our distribution centers have been retrofitted with energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Our headquarters have been retrofitted with LED lighting systems
  • We have a HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program in which our HVAC systems are serviced semi-annually to increase the units’ performance and overall efficiency which reduces energy consumption

  • Our consumption of fuel is closely monitored and we take measures to ensure that it is not wasted
  • We utilize Global Information Systems to design truck routes that minimize miles traveled
  • Introduced Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles in select locations to lower fuel costs and emissions

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Certified Green Products

Energy Star Green Seal Design for the Environment EcoLogo Carpet and Rug Institute
Greenguard Environmental Institute Forest Stewardship Council Sustainable Forestry Initiative USDA BioPreferred EPA WaterSense
SCS Certified NEMA Premium UL Environment