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The Benefits of Choosing the Correct Safety Distributor
What's in it for You?

For most safety professionals, the workplace continues to provide new challenges in risk mitigation and cost control. Because we understand this, you can count on Fastenal to provide sound product and process advice. Protect your workforce, eliminate SIFs (Serious Injuries & Fatalities), prevent/reduce injuries and near misses, and positively affect efficiency and consistency within your safety/PPE supply chain.

Fastenal’s Safety Specialist program was created to address the core safety challenges your company faces – before they become problems or citations. Click the button below to be connected with one of our Safety Specialists.

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A Systematic Approach to Safety

Your workplace is unique. So shouldn’t your safety program be unique, too? Our Safety Specialists work closely with you to create a custom program tailored to your specific needs. We bring solutions and excellent technical support to help you choose the right PPE and ensure you stay compliant. Our focus is on:

Data Analytics & Category Management

Data Analytics & Category Management

Data has become one of the most powerful tools for safety professionals as well as procurement teams. Understanding your data and using it to protect workers can help simplify programs and drive costs out of your business.
Project Management

Project Management

Data and tribal knowledge can help you to create a vision for your business. Fastenal's safety specialists will help drive that vision to completion. Blending local hands-on support with professional project management and implementation will be the force multiplier your business needs to achieve your goals.
Reduce Injuries

Increase Compliance, Eliminate SIFs and Waste

With the right PPE, the best technical support, and the right solutions, we'll keep you safe and compliant.
Your Safety Support System
Fall Protection Fall Protection
Hearing Conservation Hearing Conservation
Spill Containment Spill Containment & Flammable Storage
Spill Containment Products
Flammable Storage Products
Face & Head Protection Face & Head Protection
Respiratory Protection Respiratory Protection
Ladder Safety Ladder Safety
Eye Protection Eye Protection
Skin Care Skin Care
Heat Stress Heat Stress
Hand Protection Hand Protection
National Accounts Services National Accounts Services
Category Management
Program Consistency
EHS and Vending
Fastenal's Vending Lineup
Our vending technology is the most efficient way to stay compliant while also reducing waste. 24/7/365 access to PPE.

Increased Traceability

100% visibility of consumable spend results in reduced consumption and improved employee accountability.
Reduce Stockouts

Reduce Stockouts

Automated tracking and replenishment systems mean product is always available to the workers who need it.
Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Controls, limits, and access restrictions provide immediate sustained consumption reduction of 25-30%.
Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Employee access tracking ensures you'll always know to who and when safety items are dispensed - improving overall compliance.
Workplace Hazard Assessment Plan
Collaboration is at the heart of our process. To start, a Fastenal Safety Specialist meets with your Safety Program Champion(s). This initial meeting or conference call is used to get a breakdown of your objectives and learn more about the current state of your business. Once complete, your Fastenal Safety Specialist will schedule a site visit, walk-through, and detailed assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your safety needs and outline custom program options.
1. First Steps
• Fastenal Safety Specialist meets with your Safety Program Champion(s)
• Outline your organizations' safety objectives
• Schedule a site visit
4. Provide Solutions
• Provide on-site solutions tailred to the end user needs

• Schedule necessary follow-up or additional value adds on a monthly/quarterly basis, as needed
2. Conduct Baseline Assessment
• Identify immediate and obvious hazards, focused on SIFs
• Document the controllable risk factors
• Work with employees on obtaining PPE feedback
5. Establish Benchmark
• Define metrics used to quantify process improvements and savings gained
3. Communicate Results
• Send a written recap and samples within 7-10 business days
• Follow formalized testing process
• Schedule follow-up meeting
6. Document Success
• Provide cost savings documentation
• Support ongoing improvement
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