Social Responsibility - Supply Chain Transparency

Supply Chain Transparency
Sourcing from good-standing suppliers is the foundation of an ethical supply chain. We expect our suppliers to comply with all regulations and standards, and we conduct risk analysis for suppliers who want to do business with us to obtain additional supporting documentation for proof of an ethical and quality supply chain. We are committed to proactively building relationships with qualified suppliers meeting our standard for quality and reliability.
Supply Chain Transparency
30% of total purchasing spend is with small and/or diverse businesses. Learn more.
7K+ small and/or diverse vendors in supplier base. Learn more.
1.5 million products sourced from small and/or diverse suppliers. Learn more.
Supply Chain Transparency
20% of our product spend by value, excluding logistics costs, is purchased directly overseas through our captive, Asia-based FASTCO foreign sourcing operation.  We have built a structure that gives us visibility into this supply chain that allows us to monitor the working conditions of suppliers and ensure the quality of our products.
230+ sourcing professionals in Asia (auditors, engineers, QA, logistics). These professionals ensure that the product coming from overseas is of the best quality for our customers and that the working conditions of our suppliers are up to Fastenal’s standards.
Five A2LA labs overseas to provide customers complete mechanical and chemical fastener analysis. Product testing is conducted to internationally recognized standards, as well as customer required specifications.
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