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When we consult with customers about inventory, we hear some common themes: they want less of it in their facility, they want fewer touches, and they want a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). As a company that excels in global supply chain management, we believe the solution involves technology. We automate and digitize the supply chain, creating efficiencies to do more with less.

Stock Less

Leverage our local presence to confidently reduce your on-hand inventory and cash outlay. Simply put, we stock and manage your inventory – so you don’t have to.

Spend Less

Drive total cost savings through vendor consolidation, effective category management, freight reduction, and controls on purchasing and consumption.

Make More

Increase productivity and top-line revenue with solutions that automate processes and eliminate delays, steps, and waste.

Bringing the Internet of Things to Everyday Supplies

Reduce inventory and unlock labor resources by offloading material management to our local experts.

Fast-moving loose consumables can be a good fit for an automated but uncontrolled solution. This technology reports inventory status and automatically generates replenishment orders, but access and usage are not tied to individual employees.

Our vending solutions bring visibility and control to consumables of all shapes and sizes. Use a simple cloud dashboard to set access controls and visualize usage by individual employees and custom data points (e.g., GL codes).

We also offer solutions to automate asset tracking and management within your facility. Drive cost savings and productivity by making job-ready tools and equipment continually accessible near the point of work.

Supply Chain Solutions from Fastenal
A Solution as Unique as Your Business
With 3,000 locations in two dozen countries, we offer global supply chain solutions you can trustd. That’s why our approach is to listen, collaborate, and scale a solution that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

The possibilities range from a simple dock-to-dock delivery program, to a Fastenal-managed vending or bin stock solution, all the way up to an onsite partnership, where we provide a dedicated servicing location and team to run a world-class supply chain for your business.
Listen, Collaborate, and Scale
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