Inventory Management

Key Features & Benefits
  • Ability to deliver to the point of use means less inventory build-up and fewer inventory touches
  • Bar-coded inventory with accurate item tracking by location
  • Back-up inventory is stocked locally and can typically be delivered within an hour
  • Significant vendor consolidation opportunity; ability to supply virtually any fastener or consumable need
  • Reduced paperwork through a touch-less reordering process (blanket POs, P-Cards, etc.)

Additional Information

Case Study: Donaldson Company

Which Solution Is Right For You?

When it comes to inventory management, we live by two rules: never over-stock you, and never let you run out. Beyond that, it's up to you – your program will be tailored to support your operation and business goals. Here’s a look at our core solutions:


FMI (Fastenal Managed Inventory)

Your local Fastenal branch provides clean, professional bins and keeps them continuously filled as part of a clearly defined service agreement – no surprises or hidden agendas. The bin labels are vinyl, washable, removable, and include a clear product description and image. Learn how you can get a FREE bin and contact your local Fastenal branch today.

Production Line Support

Production Line Support

Our flexible solutions include process mappings, workstation design, point-of-use replenishment, and just-in-time systems (kanban, 2-bin, etc.) – all backed by local Fastenal service and our industry-leading sourcing, quality and logistics resources.

Industrial Vending

Industrial Vending

Needed supplies can be “self-served” by employees 24/7, and every transaction is automatically controlled and reported. Your local Fastenal team monitors the machines online and makes sure they’re always filled with the right products – a completely paperless, hands-free process.



Looking to make our local service even more local? If it makes business sense, we can set up a Fastenal point-of-sale location (essentially a Fastenal “branch”) within your facility. Features include consigned on-site inventory, dedicated Fastenal labor, and Fastenal-managed inventory to the point of use.

Jobsite Solutions

Jobsite Solutions

As a solution for remote projects (construction, outages, etc.) we can tailor a jobsite trailer, Conex or gang box managed by local Fastenal personnel and custom-stocked with needed supplies. No matter where the job takes you, Fastenal can keep the product flowing.

Dock to Dock Delivery

Dock-to-Dock Delivery

Product is delivered by Fastenal personnel on Fastenal trucks according to a pre-determined schedule – a good fit for union shops, high-security environments, and other sites with limited access.

Lean Solutions

Process Mapping/Lean Six Sigma Support

Creating Flow, Eliminating Waste

Our nationwide team of Lean Six Sigma Sensei, Black Belts, and internally-trained Blue Belts can work with your personnel to map how product moves through your current system and identify bottle necks, extra steps, and other sources of waste. You’ll be presented with a detailed business plan to create flow, eliminate waste, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

To learn more or request service, contact your local branch.

Lean Six Sigma

"Since we've transitioned to Fastenal, our VMI issues have disappeared. Fastenal is always working on improving the layout, reducing inventory and working with the production workers on what can be changed to make their work easier."

 - Mike Schaefer, Strategic Buyer
Kalmar Industries, Ottowa, KS

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