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As one of the largest metalworking suppliers in North America, Fastenal offers the best selection of ready-to-ship products, the expertise of highly trained specialists, and proven services and solutions to make your business run more efficiently.
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While some companies can deliver solutions locally, Fastenal is able to provide localized support with nationwide leverage. The ability to aggregate data and provide enterprise-wide platforms is unique to Fastenal. Our 40+ Metalworking Specialists spend 200 hours per year in training and working with technology leaders to ensure we are bringing the latest products and innovations focused on throughput. We position our customers to take market share as a result of how we use technology with them to make meaningful change with a financial impact.


Our experts can help with:

  • Part number look up

  • Product quoting

  • Speed and feed

  • Cross references

  • Sourcing

  • Research discrepancies

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Continuous Improvement — A Three-Phase Approach

We understand the challenges your business faces. From inventory to downtime and quality control to compliance — each area can lose dollars if not managed properly. We know the industry's pain points and help you turn losses into gains with increased uptime, inventory when you need it, and process efficiencies.

Fastenal proudly offers supply chain solutions that are based on technology to provide scale and customization. No one in the market today can match us. We deliver on our promise with a three-phase approach for continuous improvement.


Fastenal experts review the current state of your supply chain.


Using technology and data, Fastenal makes recommendations to optimize your machining and delivery process.


Once the supply chain is healthy, we look for opportunities to continuously improve, drive efficiencies, and eliminate waste.

Fastenal Solutions
Customer Vending Machines

When consulting with production shops about automated supply solutions, the most commonly cited goals are increased productivity, reduced downtime, and optimized cycle times. The FASTVend 10K drives this vision by making inventory immediately accessible to machinists and operators — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fast 10000 Drawer with Product Locator

Fastenal's Product Locator application features a UI that allows for complete supply chain visibility and searchability by location and/or product.

The combination of access and traceability delivers a range of benefits. For example, employees are no longer motivated to hoard expensive cutting tools, because they know products will always be available when needed. And with real-time visibility to tools used (including custom tooling assemblies), supervisors, managers, planners, and engineers are able to quickly discern changes in usage, avoiding emergencies and costly expedited shipments.

Custom Services
Tool & Cutter Grinding
Tool Repair & Certification
Fastenal's Tool Repair Centers provide the industry's most comprehensive capabilities under one roof. Our authorized and approved warranty centers reduce the need to track, separate and send tools, hoists and equipment direct to manufacturers. Repair technicians are factory trained and certified through independent governing bodies.
Calibration Services
Calibration Services
Our calibration and repair labs are A2LA accredited and handle 23,000 measuring devices from around the globe.
Weld-to-length Bandsaws
Weld-to-Length Bandsaws
Factory-trained technicians use state-of-the-art welding and annealing equipment to achieve the highest quality weld possible. Each blade is inspected for straightness to provide a perfect blade, every time.
Tool and Cutter Regrind
Tool & Cutter Grinding
Using the latest CNCs and manual equipment, Fastenal's experienced machinists will maximize the life of your cutting tools by reconditioning, for a fraction of the cost of buying new product.
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