Metalworking Specialists

As part of our metalworking product expansion, we’ve trained and deployed Metalworking Specialists across North America. This professionalized team has completed two levels of metalworking product training via Tooling U (operated by SME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers), followed by hands-on training at our key suppliers’ training facilities. With a deep understanding of our metalworking line, they’re ready to work directly with your personnel to help select the right products for the job and run them the right way for maximum productivity.

FAST Cutting Tool Machines

The FAST 2000CTSM and FAST 4000CTSM provide controlled, automated access to individual inserts and round tools. The low cost of the program makes it affordable to install multiple units throughout the shop, bringing the tool crib to the point of use for better productivity.


Tool & Cutter Grinding

Looking to reduce cutting tool costs? Fastenal's Tool & Cutter Grinding division, in operation since 1995, specializes in sharpening and reconditioning worn cutting tools. Utilizing the latest CNC and manual equipment from manufacturers like ANCA, UTMA and Hybco, our experienced machinists can sharpen your cutting tools to like-new condition, for a fraction of the cost of buying new products. In addition to our re-sharpening and re-grinding services, we also manufacture specialized tooling, including step drills and made-to-print cutters.

Weld-to-Length Bandsaws

Our factory-trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art welding and annealing equipment to achieve the highest quality weld possible. Each blade is individually inspected and gauged for straightness to provide a perfect blade, every time. Learn more about weld-to-length bandsaws here.

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