Custom Packaging

  • Jobs range from simple to highly complex, with the ability to assemble 100+ parts per kit, build multiple sub-kits within a master kit, and even provide assembly services (e.g., applying grease to an o-ring and placing it on a bolt).
  • State-of-the-art automated equipment for increased speed and accuracy.
  • Customer-specific information can be printed directly on bags and other packaging, including:
    • Customer-specific part numbers
    • Customer-specific product description
    • Customer logo
    • Barcode
    • Lot number
Best Practices
  • Multiple levels of verification to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Product undergoes three levels of quality testing (pre-production, 1st article, pre-shipment).
  • Each completed kit is weight-verified, and samples from each lot are inspected prior to shipping.
  • Customer-specific standard operating procedures are utilized when specified.
Custom Packaging Request Form

To learn more, or to request service, contact your local branch or fill out the form below.

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