On-Site Fastener Trainings

The Fastenal Engineering & Design Support group host dozens of on-site training sessions each year at our customers' facilities. These trainings are all customized to meet the needs of the customer and targeted specifically for the intended audience. Whether it's training for a group of design engineers, maintenance staff, or line workers, our targeted fastener training can help you increase "up time," reduce assembly time, and minimize field failures.

Our basic fastener training includes hands-on time with torque/tension equipment and takes most of a morning or afternoon. We have provided shorter sessions, but two hours is generally the minimum required to get a significant benefit from the training. Longer, more in-depth sessions can take up to an entire day. The Fastenal Engineering & Design Support group is flexible enough to train multiple groups on multiple shifts -- whatever works best for you.

There is a small fee for the training and incurred expenses. Share your training goals with us and we'll work with you to provide a program that will exceed your expectations -- and deliver an excellent return on your investment.

Contact us at engineer@fastenal.com.