Application-Specific Testing

What is the pull out strength of my sheet metal screw?

That depends on the material and thickness you are going into.

If I use a high-strength socket head product (because I like the drive style) and mate that bolt with a tapped hole in an aluminum, what torque should I use for assembly?

That depends on the type of aluminum and depth of your tapped hole.

I am switching from a plated bolt to a 1,000-hour coated bolt and want to make sure I get the same clamp load. What torque value should I use?

We can help with testing in our lab using the exact bolts and nuts you will be working with.

You're probably noticing a pattern here, which is that some questions just can't be answered without first doing some very specific testing. The Fastenal Engineering & Design Support group is here to help. Utilizing the equipment in our A2LA lab, we can provide timely, accurate answers to your specific questions.

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