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Contact Information

Robbie Greer
Government Sales Specialist
Fax: (507) 494-9768
Aaron Leyendecker
Government Director
Fax: (507) 494-3608
Monica Nelton
Government Sales Development Manager
Fax: (507) 453-7145
Tommy Politz, CPPB
State Purchasing Officer/Contract Administrator
Fax: (225) 342-8688

Find Fastenal Stores in the State of Louisiana

Fastenal is ready to serve our State of Louisiana Customers by providing local service tailored to meet your needs, quick delivery and quality Facilities Maintenance and Industrial Supplies. State of Louisiana customers will find that they can take advantage of Fastenal's broad range of Facilities Maintenance and Industrial Supplies.

Federal #41-0948415
Contract #408831

Master Agreement NASPO Value Point Facilities MRO # 1862

*Note: You must be logged in to view your State of Louisiana pricing and discounts. See below for directions on how to get started!

Local Store Service

Local Service

Inventory Control Solutions

FAST 5000
  • We stock inventory locally - so you don't have to
  • Custom bin-stock / line-stock programs
  • Dock-to-dock delivery, in-plant locations, jobsite solutions
  • FAST Solutions - Fastenal Automated Supply Technology. Reduce consumption, inventory, and downtime with 24/7 access, usage tracking and local restocking


  • View product categories provided through your State Contract
  • Custom pricing - View your contract pricing and custom market baskets online
  • eQuotes - Edit and approve quotes from your local Fastenal store
  • Advanced account management options - order templates, workflow and admin rights, spending control, customer cross reference search and more
  • Flexible delivery options: will call, local delivery, direct to site

How to Get Started

Open an account at a local Fastenal Store

  1. Contact your local Fastenal Store
  2. Identify yourself as a State agency or political subdivision (please have your sales tax exemption number or certificate available)
  3. Once you open an account, your local store will report the account number to Fastenal's Government Sales Support department for set-up under the State Contract (please allow 3 -5 business days for processing)

If you need assistance or want to place an order today, please contact Fastenal's State Contract help desk toll free at 877-507-7555 or email govcoordinators@fastenal.com.

Register your account on Fastenal.com

Contact your local store to validate your email address and account number. Once your email has been updated to your account, allow 24 hours before registering on Fastenal.com via the following steps:

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click on Register and enter E-mail, Username, and Password
  3. Enter the Security Code received via e-mail
  4. Select “Government Contract” and enter contact info
  5. Select the best option under “Do you have a Fastenal Store Account Number?”
    -“Yes, and I have two invoices from my store account” – Account info will automatically link
    -“Yes, but I do not have two invoices from my account” – Account info will link when the Fastenal store verifies your information
    -“No, I do not have a Fastenal store account” – Call your local store to set up an account which can be linked later

****Note: If you have any issues registering on www.fastenal.com, please contact your local Government Sales Specialist (see contact information on this page).

Contact Us

In order to receive the pricing and benefits of this contract, a member or eligible entity is required to complete the Contract Participation form. By submitting this form, you are linking your account to the state contract, allowing you to take advantage of the state contract pricing and benefits. If you do not have a Fastenal account number, a Fastenal representative will be in touch with you.

Please contact govcoordinators@fastenal.com if you have any questions.

Administration of this request will take 3-5 business days. For immediate purchase off this contract, contact 877-507-7555.

Submission of this form indictates that the person below is authorized to enroll their organization as an eligible contract participant.