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The Power of Partnership
Strategic supply means supplying not only products, but also expertise and innovation. It means investing in your success with technology, local resources, and a spectrum of services and solutions. And it means moving beyond a transactional mindset to pursue common goals, continuous improvement, and shared success. Looking for a strategic supplier to execute your global goals on the individual site level? Leverage our local engagement to drive visibility, efficiency, and results across your enterprise.

What to Expect

Work with a proven change agent with deep experience in driving innovation.
Gain operational insights from data analytics of supply chain activities aggregated to the contract level.
Working Capital
Working Capital
Rely on our local stocking and service model to confidently reduce on-hand inventory.
Mobilize Fastenal’s local footprint to execute your supply chain vision throughout your organization.
Reinforce your corporate strategy through our daily interactions with local site personnel.
Product Offerings from Fastenal
Category Management
Fastenal offers something unique in our industry: expertise and product breadth spanning both MRO Consumables and Direct Materials. Tap into our broad-line product offering, data analytics, and engineering / product expertise to standardize categories across multiple plant locations and fully leverage your supply spend.
Category Management
Supply Chain Solutions
Heavy Duty Jobsite StorageOnsite
Through this partnership model, we provide dedicated onsite experts and inventory to handle material management and run a world-class supply chain for your operations.
Heavy Duty Jobsite StorageVending
Our wide-ranging vending solutions make product both immediately available and fully traceable at the point-of-use. The results: better productivity, reduced consumption, and improved compliance for safety and standardization projects.
Heavy Duty Jobsite Storagee-Business
Solutions that transcend the typical drop-ship e-commerce model, leveraging our local presence and strategic service to provide faster fulfillment, greater visibility, and deeper value.
Heavy Duty Jobsite StorageAnalytics
Utilize our FAST 360° Analytics portal to visualize your inventory, spend, and activity at the contract and individual site level.  Uncover trends and opportunities to guide smart purchasing decisions.
Heavy Duty Jobsite StorageBin Stock
With multiple service and technology options, we'll tailor solutions to make sure your local teams always have the right amount of product, when and where they need it.
Expert Consultants
Expert Consultants

Looking for expert consultants to bring best practices and new ideas to your business?

We provide multiple teams of highly trained specialists to help your organization implement lean supply processes, troubleshoot safety issues, assist with product testing and selection, and solve engineering problems. Learn how our subject matter experts can help you gain a competitive edge.

Lean Solutions

Reliable Distribution
Leverage our global distribution strength to remove delays, risk, and cost from your business. Our end-to-end ownership of the supply chain allows us to drive efficiency and value at every step – from the source to the point of use. The system centers on our regional DCs, in-house transportation fleet, and network of local branches and onsites, ensuring an extremely short, efficient supply chain, everywhere you operate.
Reliable Distribution by Fastenal
Local Delivery Vehicles and Trucks      In-Market Locations      Regional Distribution Centers
Manufacturing & Industrial Services
Custom Manufacturing Industrial Services
Our in-house manufacturing division can produce engineered solutions to meet your needs – from complex machined parts to high-volume production fasteners. We also offer a range of industrial services to drive productivity, safety, cost savings, and quality within your operation.


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The Innovators
Watch our customer stories to see how we've helped businesses like yours DO MORE.

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