Military, Veterans & Diversity

Military & Diversity

Employee Military Stories

Our focus on recruiting military personnel is more than an act of appreciation for their service – it’s a decision to reach out to a group of disciplined, hard-working people who share our values and have proven to be a great fit for our company.

With more than 2,600 locations, chances are we have career opportunities near you, whether you’re looking to relocate back to your home town or stay where you were stationed.

Transitioning Military

Whether you’re interested in working part-time while attending college, or starting full-time as a sales associate learning the ropes to become an Outside Sales Representative, we have options for you. Similar to the military, employees at Fastenal start part or full time and work their way up the ranks to management – how fast you rise, and how far you go, is up to you.

Are you interested in putting your military experience to work in the private sector? Periodically we have Government Sales Specialist positions that focus on providing our products, services and solutions to federal, state, and local government entities.


As a service-focused business, we’re dedicated to creating a diverse workforce that reflects our customer base and the world at large. We value diversity and encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to apply for positions.

We’re also looking for people to help us pursue Growth Through Customer Service around the world. If you are from, or have business experience in, any of the countries we operate in, please continue to check the job search for these opportunities.