Jobsite Inventory Solutions

Product Where You Need It, When You Need It
Fastenal's jobsite inventory solutions bring an automated, secure supply chain to the most remote outdoor locations. Your POD (products-on-demand jobsite trailer) can be customized with a variety of vending and bin stock devices to provide easy access and full traceability to PPE, tools, hardware, and other critical supplies.

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Features & Services
  • Bare Container
  • Blue Color with Fastenal Logo
  • Double Door Cargo Entry on End

What will fit?

20' Option | 7 Rivet Racks (4'W x 2'D each)

40' Option | 14 Rivet Racks (4'w x 2'D each)

  • Insulated Walls
  • Lighting
  • Key Pad Personal Door Entry
  • Climate Control
  • Power Outlets
  • Ethernet Ports

What will fit?

20' Option | Combination of 7 Rivet Racks (4'W x 2'D each) OR 5 Vending Machines

40' Option | Combination of 14 Rivet Racks (4'w x 2'D each) OR 16 Vending Machines




The POD must sit on stable, level ground with sufficient accessibility for installation and removal.


purchasing agreement

Each POD is subject to a minimum monthly spend requirement based on the model selected.


power source

FAST POD units require access to a permanent 100amp 240v single phase power source.
(Deluxe Only)


power source

An AirCard (Verizon or AT&T) is provided for internet connectivity to the machines.
(Deluxe Only)

Heavy-Duty Jobsite Storage
Fastenal's Mobile Products-On-Demand can be customized to your needs and deployed throughout your project - saving you time and resources. Your local branch can help get this organized for you.

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A Great Solution Begins With A Good Conversation

Talk to us about your inventory challenges and let us present ideas to make an impact. Remember, the machine itself isn't the solution; it's what's behind it; local inventory, daily service, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Reach out to your Fastenal representative to start the conversation today.


"Being able to manage our supply chain in partnership with Fastenal has really enabled us to deliver that quality at every single point along the job. It takes one more variable out of the equation."
-Adam Rohde, Vice President

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