Fastenal Supplier Diversity

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

At Fastenal we recognize the many opportunities small and diverse businesses provide as our suppliers, vendors and strategic customers. 

Our Supplier Diversity program facilitates the demand for small business advocacy among large corporations, prime contractors, city/state/local government, federal government and many other organizations.  Understanding this demand helps us provide opportunities to small, diverse and local businesses world-wide.  With more than 2,700 branches spanning North America, we believe that doing business with companies that reflect the diverse communities in which we operate isn't just the "right" thing to do; it also makes good business sense.


The goal of Fastenal's Supplier Diversity Program is to increase purchases with small, diverse and local businesses by creating close, long-term relationships that strengthen our supply chain.
Our mission is to grow our company by providing our customers with a superior offering of products, consumption tracking capabilities and Reseller Consortium partners.  We recognize that supplier diversity is an opportunity for Fastenal to establish a competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction.  The pursuit of the competitive edge is what drives us to continually increase the diversity of our supplier base.


It is our policy to advocate for small, diverse and local businesses.  To that end, we collaborate to identify specific opportunities for our suppliers, working to match our key customers' needs with our supplier's capabilities. 

Through our continuous outreach, certification compliance, qualification and utilization efforts, we continue raising the bar for our program.  We are looking to create an elite group of diversity suppliers that meet our standards for quality and have a high level of commitment.


Since 1983, the AbilityOne (formerly Javits-wagner-O’Day or JWOD) Program has been the preferred source, and SKILCRAFT the brand of choice, for federal purchasers.

When you choose SKILCRAFT and other AbilityOne products, you are helping provide job opportunities for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities. Fastenal is an authorized distributor of AbilityOne products. As a requirement of our authorization to distribute AbilityOne products, we must substitute AbilityOne items for commercial items if the products are considered to be essentially the same. As an authorized distributor of AbilityOne products, Fastenal has implemented an Essentially the Same (ETS) system that will automatically substitute the AbilityOne item for any commercial item selected under a federal contract purchase. The ETS program allows Fastenal to provide Federal customers with a wide variety of quality AbilityOne products and services while enabling thousands of people who are blind and severely disabled to experience real jobs and increased independence.

Developing Relationship & Opportunities

Visit the links below to learn more about Fastenal's Supplier Diversity program.

Tier II Vendor Diversity Program
Tier I Authorized Resellers

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