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Shipping Addresses

The shipping addresses are saved locations that you can choose from when ordering product. They represent the physical location that you would like your product delivered to.

Billing Addresses

A billing address is the location that you'd like your invoices to be sent to.

What is a default address or a public address?

The default address is the address that will load automatically each time you order product. To save time, make your default address the one used most often — eliminating the need to change it each time you order product. If an address is made public, other users on your account will have access to it when placing orders. They can also edit the address, but they cannot delete it.

Accessing Your Addresses

Your saved shipping and billing address information can be accessed from the My Account page.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Shipping Addresses or Billing Addresses
Adding or Editing a Shipping or Billing Address

Once you are in the shipping or billing address screen, you can add or edit an existing address.

  • Click New Address to add an address
    • To edit an existing address, click the Alias/Nickname of that address
  • Enter a Location Alias
  • To make this address your default, select "Use as my default address"
  • Select "Make this address available" if you'd like other account users to have access to the address
  • Add or modify the Address Information
    • Red asterisks indicate required fields
  • Click Save Changes
Deleting a Shipping or Billing Address

Shipping and billing addresses can only be deleted by the user that created them.

  • Click Delete
LOCATION ALIAS The name associated with the address. DEFAULT ADDRESS Make this address your default. PUBLIC ADDRESS Allow other users on your account to view and use this address. ADDRESS INFORMATION Enter in the location address making sure that all items with a red asterick are included. SAVE CHANGES Save any modifications made to the address.

What are product cross references?

A product cross reference is the linking of your custom part number with the corresponding Fastenal part number.

The benefits of setting up cross referenced parts:

  • Search for products faster using your own part numbers
  • Eliminate time spent searching for the correct Fastenal part number
  • Use the Fast Order Pad to quickly order product using your part numbers

An account administrator must adjust your settings on the Users and Permissions page to allow access to cross references.

Accessing Your Cross References

Product cross references can be managed online or by your local Fastenal branch. You can set up your own cross references on

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Product Cross References
Adding an Individual Part Cross Reference

Cross references can be entered one-by-one on the Part Management page.

  • From the Product Cross References menu, select Part Management
  • Enter your Customer Part Number
  • Enter the corresponding Fastenal Part Number
  • Enter a customized Customer Part Description, or use the Fastenal part description that auto-populates
  • Click Save
Editing or Deleting a Cross Reference
  • Enter the Customer Part Number you'd like to modify
  • Click Lookup
    • A list of matching part numbers will be generated
  • Click Edit to modify the part information
    • Make changes to the Customer part number, Fastenal part number, or part description, then click Save
  • Click Delete to remove the cross referenced part information
CUSTOMER PART NUMBER The part number you use for that particular item. LOOKUP Find data for a cross referenced part number. FASTENAL PART NUMBER Fastenal's part number for the item. PART DESCRIPTION Your description for that item. SAVE Save cross reference data entered. EDIT Modify the cross reference data for a part. DELETE Remoce this cross referenced part information. NOTE: Any new or edited product cross reference data will be searchable online the following day.
Uploading Multiple Cross References from Excel

Cross references can also be entered in bulk using the Upload Part page.

  • From the Product Cross References menu, select Upload Part
  • Create and save an Excel file with your part number, part descriptions, and the Fastenal part number
    • An Excel template can be downloaded by clicking Download Cross Reference Template
  • Click Browse and locate the Excel file on your computer
  • Once the file name appears in the upload file field, click Upload
    • An error message will appear if the parts did not transfer over correctly
  • To view a list of all your cross referenced parts, click Export Cross References
    • This list will not show any cross references managed by your Fastenal branch
EXCEL FORMAT Make sure your Excel file is formatted with these 4 columns. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE Use the Excel template to ensure proper upload format. EXPORT View all your cross references (does not show store managed cross references). UPLOAD Upload your file after it appears in the upload file field.
Searching for Cross Referenced Parts

After any new or edited product cross reference data is entered, it will be searchable on the website within three days. At that point, you can search for your cross referenced parts using your part number or part of your customer part description.

  • In the Search field, enter a part number or keyword to search for
  • Click the Magnifying Glass or press Enter
  • The search will display three different types of results depending on the criteria entered
    • The Products tab displays all the Fastenal parts containing the criteria entered
    • The Cross Reference tab displays only manufacturer or competitor part numbers and descriptions containing the criteria entered
    • The Customer Product Cross Reference tab displays only parts you've cross referenced containing the criteria entered
  • Click the Customer Product Cross Reference tab to display the matching parts
  • View more information about the product, or add the item to your cart

What information can the account administrator see?

Account administrators have access to all the information that is shown on the user preferences page, except for your password. They can change your purchasing limits and set approvers for your order requests. Administrators can also grant access to view certain information on the site, such as open balances, invoices, and cross references.

Account administrators can modify any user's information, except for passwords, using the Users & Permissions page.

Accessing User Preferences

Any user can change their account information and password via the user preferences page.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click User Preferences
Changing Your User Information and Password

Update your first name, last name and phone number, as well as select an account number to shop with.

  • Modify your First Name and/or Last Name
  • Change your Phone Number
  • Change the account number you are shopping with by selecting a different account number in the Browse Under Account area
    • Multiple accounts are only available if an account administrator has added additional account numbers
  • Click Save Changes to save the updated information.
Forgot Your User Name or Password?

Click the Forgot your password link on the Sign In page, and enter the email address that is associated with your account. An email will be sent to you with a link that allows you to reset your password.