Account Setup

To access your usage reports online, you'll need to authenticate your account. From the My Account page, click Store Accounts. Click the authenticate link and enter two invoice numbers. Once your account is authenticated, administrators of the account will need to grant access for users to view usage reports. This can be done from the Users and Permissions page.

Accessing Your Usage Reports

Usage reports allow you to view valuable information on your spend, usage, and ordering frequency with Fastenal.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Usage Reports
Reviewing Your Usage and Spend

Review your usage data and spend using the Usage Report Manager

  • Select the Accounts to Include in your report
  • Pick a Report Date
  • Add any additional Filter Byoptions to narrow your search
    • Check the boxes to include Bin/Sub Location Data or Invoice Details
  • Click Run Report

Contact your account administrator to request permissions if you receive an error

ACCOUNTS Selected accounts to include in the report. REPORT DATE Pick a specific date range or month to view. FILTER BY Narrow your results by entering in PO #, Job #, or specific part #. INCLUDE DETAIL Select to include bin/sub location data or invoice details. RUN REPORT View the usage data based on the criteria selected. USAGE STATS View high level stats on usage and number of invoices. PRINT/EXPORT Print or export the yearly spend graph. SPEND DATA Mouse over the graph points to view the spend for each month. PRODUCTS BY SPEND View the amount spent on each product purchased over the past 12 months. PRODUCTS BY ORDERING FREQUENCY View the ordering frequency of all the products purchased over the past 12 months.