Account Management Support


Some customers have multiple account numbers. Examples of this could be separate accounts for MRO, OEM, and Vending, or using multiple stores for job sites or projects outside of your main store's servicing area. You can add multiple account numbers to your online registration for purchasing or viewing history and usage from a single login.

Adding Additional Account Numbers After Registration

As an administrator, you can add additional Fastenal Store Accounts to your registration at any time from the My Account page.

If the Fastenal Store Account you are attempting to add has already been registered online by another user, you will not be able to add it to your account. Please contact the Fastenal Web Support team for assistance.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click the My Account link at the top of the page
  • Click Store Accounts
  • Enter your Fastenal Store Account Number and two invoice numbers to authenticate your account
  • Click Add Account
ACCOUNT NUMBER Use this number when registering to link to your Fastenal store account information. INVOICE NUMBER When adding your account number after registration, two invoice numbers are needed to verify your account.
Modifying Your Store Accounts

Only account administrators have access to the Store Accounts page. Admins can add, edit, view, and authenticate accounts.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Store Accounts

Authenticating Accounts: To confirm your web account should be linked to your Fastenal store account(s), you'll need to enter two invoice numbers. Authenticating your account also unlocks features such as viewing open balances and statements online.

Electronic Invoicing: You can enroll in electronic invoicing to receive your invoices online, or via email or fax. To edit this information, click on the billing method listed and modify your settings.

AUTHENTICATE Authenticate your account by entering in two invoice numbers and unlock additional features on ADD ACCOUNT Add another Fastenal account number. BILLING METHOD Modify the billing method listed and go paperless by choosing to receive your invoices via email, fax or online only. REMOVE SELECTED Remove the selected account.

What is a Custom Catalog?

A Custom Catalog is a catalog created by you, a web registered administrator, that changes which products your account users can see and purchase.

What does a user assigned to a Custom Catalog see?

The only difference a user will notice is less (or possibly more) product choices on and a message in the left sidebar notifying them that they are browsing a custom catalog. They may also encounter a warning at checkout if they attempt to checkout with products from outside their catalog in their shopping cart.

What can an administrator do with Custom Catalogs?

You can create, edit, delete (warning: catalog deletion is PERMANENT), and assign Custom Catalogs to your account users.

What is the catalog creation limit?

You are only allowed to create as many catalogs as there are users in your account. If you want to create an additional catalog you can create another user under My Account -> Users & Permissions

How do I create a Custom Catalog?

Start by giving the catalog a name and description that suits the catalog's contents. Then select the categories and SKUs that should be in the catalog. Finally assign the catalog to any number of your account users. The catalog will be created and browsable by the next business day.

How do I edit a SKU in my catalog?

Use the Add/Remove SKU functionality to quickly add or remove a single part from your catalog. You will receive instant feedback about the result of the operation and the count of SKUs in your catalog will be updated accordingly.

How do I add many SKUs to my catalog?

The Upload SKUs option is meant for adding many SKUs to a catalog at once. After the upload is complete you will receive feedback and the SKU count will be updated. Uploading SKUs is covered later in this FAQ.

How do I remove all SKUs from my catalog?

Use the Delete All SKUs functionality to delete all SKUs from your catalog (warning: SKU deletion is PERMANENT). You will receive instant feedback about the result of the operation and the count of SKUs in your catalog will be updated accordingly.

How do I upload an Excel file containing SKUs to my catalog?

Put each SKU in a separate cell in the first column (usually labeled column "A") of an Excel worksheet. This will be the only column read during an upload. You can add other information to different columns but it will not be read or able to be retrieved later.

Some Fastenal part numbers have a leading 0. Excel will automatically strip off this 0 if the cell format is "General". Without the leading 0 the part number will show up as invalid and not be added to your catalog. To have Excel keep the leading 0 change the cell format to "Text".

For more information on Excel uploading issues refer to the Troubleshooting section later in this FAQ.

How do I select categories for my catalog?

You can choose categories from the category tree. Select the checkboxes in front of categories you want included in your catalog. All SKUs within those categories will be included. Be sure to save when you make any changes to your category tree.

Why does a parent category uncheck when I uncheck one of its children?

This is intended functionality. It is designed to avoid having all the SKUs in a category included in a catalog when that category does not have all children selected. We are working on improving the logic and interface for this feature.

What's the difference between adding SKUs and selecting categories?

You can build your catalog by selecting categories, adding SKUs, or a combination of the two.

If you only add SKUs then just those SKUs will be in your catalog. They will show up in their proper category.

If you select categories then all SKUs within the selected categories will be included in the catalog.

How do I test that a catalog contains the products and categories that I want?

You can test a catalog by assigning it to yourself. When you browse you will see only the parts within the catalog and be able verify that the contents are correct. When you've finished you can unassign it from yourself and go back to browsing the standard catalog.

How do I assign a catalog to a user?

This can be done under My Account -> Custom Catalogs -> Account Users. Find the user you wish to assign to a Custom Catalog then select the correct catalog from the dropdown next to that user. Finally click Update User Catalogs. The change will take place immediately.

How do I unassign a catalog from a user?

This can be done under My Account -> Custom Catalogs -> Account Users. Find the user you wish to unassign from a Custom Catalog. Select " - " from the dropdown next to that user to unassign them. Finally click Update User Catalogs. The change will take place immediately. That user is now capable of browsing and purchasing from the standard catalog.

Can I assign a user to more than one catalog?

No, a user can only be assigned to one catalog at a time.

Can I assign a Custom Catalog to more than one user?

Yes, a Custom Catalog can be assigned to as many users as you need.

Will my account users be able to purchase products outside their catalog?

As long as they're assigned to a catalog, they will not be able to purchase any products that are outside that catalog. Once they are unassigned they will be able to purchase anything from the standard catalog of products.

What if my account users want more products added to their catalog?

In the left sidebar during product browse there is a link that allows them to email you (their account admin) for requesting additional parts.


Why haven't my changes been reflected in my catalog?

Any changes you make will not show up until the next business day. If you've waited a day and they still haven't shown up contact support.

Why don't all the selected categories show up when browsing my catalog?

Some categories don't contain active SKUs that are web associated. These categories won't show up while browsing.

What file formats are supported for Excel uploading?

Currently only Excel 2003-2007 (.xls) is supported. We're working on supporting Excel 2008 (.xlsx) for a future release.

Is there a file size limit for Excel uploads?

Yes, currently we only support uploads of less than 2MBs. Attempting to upload anything larger will result in an error. If you need to upload more SKUs than that you must split the SKUs and upload them in multiple Excel documents.

Can I get my catalog back once I've deleted it?

Unfortunately, once a catalog is deleted it is permanently gone. Be sure to make backups and keep hard copies if your catalogs are absolutely one of a kind, very specific, and need to be saved. See below for instructions on accomplishing this.

Can I get my SKUs back in my catalog if I've deleted them?

Unfortunately, once the SKUs have been deleted they're permanently gone. You can take steps to prevent accidently deleting them. Choosing the Download SKUs option will allow you to download a backup of all the SKUs currently in your catalog. You can upload this Excel file later to restore the SKUs to your catalog.

You will get an Excel list of all SKUs and the description of the parts. You can upload this Excel file later to restore the SKUs to your catalog, but as mentioned before, only the SKU will load as the description is already placed on the web.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click PO and Job Numbers
ACCOUNT NUMBER Choose the account number(s) the PO or Job Number should be used for. ADD PO/JOB NUMBER Add a new PO or Job Number. DESCRIPTION Description given when PO or Job Number was created. TAX EXEMPTION APPLICABLE If an exemption has been tied to the p=PO at your local store it will display here. DELETE SELECTED PO OR JOB NUMBER Remove the selected PO or Job number(s) from the list.

Why Register?

Before you can place an order on, you'll need to set up an account. Registering will also give you access to a multitude of great features:

  • Easily view your local branch's inventory availability
  • Create purchasing work flow by setting up ordering limits and approvals for individual employees
  • Create order templates for fast reorders

Added benefits of registering with your Fastenal Account Number:

  • View your custom pricing discounts & cross-referenced part numbers
  • Have your orders delivered by your local Fastenal sales rep, pick up the product at the branch, or have items shipped directly to you
  • Edit and approve quotes from your local Fastenal branch online
  • Use your Fastenal charge account as payment
  • View your open balances and statements online
  • Click My Account at the top of the page

Registering on is easy, and can be done with or without a Fastenal Account Number.

  • Enter your email address — Click Sign In or Register
  • Enter the verification code that was emailed to you
    • If your verification code is not received in a few minutes, check your Junk or Spam folders
  • Create your password, fill in all fields and Click Create
  • Select whether you are a Personal or Company Account, Government Account, or Fastenal Supplier
    • Government employees will need to enter additional information in order to ensure your state contract is tied to your registration
  • Your Account Number should appear; if it does not, enter your Account Number and two invoice numbers, or choose to have your registration approved by your local branch
    • Your customer account number can be found on any packing slip or invoice
    • Local branch approval may take up to three business days
  • Click Register

Each time you visit, you'll want to sign in to your account.

  • Click My Account at the top of the page
  • Enter your email address
    • If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password
  • If you are not on a shared computer, check the "Keep me signed in" box to be remembered next time you visit
  • Click Sign In

Each Fastenal customer account can support multiple users. Each of these users can be modified to have different purchasing controls and approval permissions.

The benefits of setting up account permissions:

  • Control how much individual employees can purchase
  • Create "Request Only" users who must have their orders approved before submission to Fastenal
  • Grant access to view open balances, cross referenced part number information, and usage reporting

You must be an administrator of the account in order to view or update users and permissions.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Users and Permissions

Users can be added, removed, or modified by an administrator at any time by using the Users and Permissions page.

  • To delete a user, click Delete
  • Click New User to add a user to the account
  • To edit a user, click on Edit or the Username
  • Enter or modify the User Information
    • This section allows you to update a user's basic information
  • Select the Security Options for the user
  • Update the Purchasing Options and change the user's purchasing abilities and limitations
  • To save these updates, click Save Changes
SECURITY LEVEL The level of permissions or purchasing limits a user has. SELECT Check the box to select the user. USERNAME Click on a user name to view or update their permissions. DELETE Remove the user. NEW GROUP Group the users list into specified group names. An unlimited amount of groups are allowed. NEW USER Add a user to the account.
  • Administrator: Has unlimited purchasing power, can approve orders and update users on the account.
  • Unlimited Purchases: Has the ability to purchase without limitations, requiring no approvals from others.
  • Purchase Limit: Has limits to the amount of money they can spend in a set time period, or per order.
  • Request Only: Has the ability to create orders, but they must be approved by an approver before being submitted.

All of these account details can be modified by an account administrator. Unlimited purchasers and request only users do not have access to the Users and Permissions page. To save changes, you will need to provide your administrator password.

  • Allow Unlimited Purchases: This allows a user to make purchases without any limitations or approvals.
  • Only Request Purchases: This limits a user to requesting purchases. All purchase requests will be submitted to an approver via email (selected in the default purchase request approver section). The approver is then able to access the purchase request, make any modifications, and approve or deny the order.
  • Limit Purchases: This allows limitations to be set on the dollar amount per order, or the amount spent in a certain time period. Orders over the set amount will automatically be sent to the approver. Anything under that amount will be submitted as an order to Fastenal.
  • Purchase Request Approvers: These are the users on the account that have been granted purchase request approval privileges. One or more approvers can be selected to receive order requests. An email notification will be sent to them once the request is submitted. Multiple levels of requesters can be set.

Only account administrators have access to the web account information page. Administrators can change the account being used, the Company Name, and default currency, and can also set restrictions for new users registering to the account.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Web Account Information
COMPANY NAME The name that will display in the shipping and billing address. COMPANY LOGO Upload a company logo that will appear in the upper right corner when signed in. NOTIFY ME Check the box to receive notification via email when a new user registers to the account. New registrations can be reviewed or edited under Users and Permissions, if deselected no notification is sent. DO NOT ALLOW USERS TO PAY BY FASTENAL CHARGE ACCOUNT OR CREDIT CARD Manage the payment method options available to all users in checkout. DO NOT ALLOW USERS TO SHARE INFORMATION Remove the ability for users to share information with other users on the account. REQUIRE A PO AND/OR JOB NUMBER When selected, all users placing an order online will be prompted to enter a PO and/or Job Number in step 2 of checkout. DEFAULT PURCHASING OPTIONS Set purchasing defaults for new users that register to the account online. CHOOSE DEFAULT ORDER REQUEST APPROVER(S) Choose the default approver(s) an order placed online by a user with restrictions will be sent to for approval.
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All