How to Find Cost Savings While Not Adding to the Scrap Bin

In a world of increasing pricing pressures, where winners and losers can be decided by just a few percentage points, manufacturers must be conscientious of every expense. Each dollar wasted is a dollar added to operating expenses. And every dollar your competitor saves puts them closer to stealing customers and taking your share of the market. Fastenal has the systems and services to help your business gain the competitive advantage in cost savings.

Looking to reduce your operating expenses with little effort on your part? Simply start an Industrial Services program with Fastenal, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Cutters need overhauling? Want a tool fixed? Just put it in a Fastenal tote at your site. We will pick up the tote on a regular basis, send it to one of our 12 service centers, and return the reconditioned item back to its designated home within your facility. All of this with one simple action on your employee’s part: place it in a tote, not a scrap bin. Then you just watch the savings add up!

Tool and Cutter Grinding

Fastenal has a full range of cutting tool reconditioning and recoating services. And we also handle the manufacturing of new cutting tools, including engineered tooling, and modifications to standard tools.

Products Commonly Serviced

•End Mills (all styles)
•Reamers (ends only)
•CountersinksCTE Cost Savings
•Step Drills/Tools
•Punch & Die
•Carbide Drills/Masonry Drills
•Dovetail Cutters
•Wood Bits/Auger Bit
•Drill Bits
•Shear Blades/Planer Blades
•Spade Drills/Bits
•Cold Saw Blades & HSS Blades
•Double End Centerdrills
•Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
•Milling Cutters
•Annular Cutters/Roto Broach
•Landis & Ridged Chasers
•Router Bits
•Shell Mills
•Recoating Services Available
•Taps (chamfer only)

The cost savings add up quickly. Let’s look at end mills as an example.

CTE Potential Savings

Tool Repair

With the broadest offering of repair services in the industry, Fastenal Tool Repair Services build on that same cost savings mentality. Place your broken tool in a tote, and allow the Fastenal team to provide quick and easy cost savings. We are able to fix up to 80% of the items that come through our doors, typically for no more than 50% of the cost of a new tool. We are also certified to provide warranty repair work for 30 major tool manufacturers. In some cases that results in a zero cost repair to your tool and a 100% cost savings for your bottom line.

Calibration and Repair

You know the cost of machining out-of-tolerance parts: scrap of material, lost production time, and perhaps worst of all, the loss of a valued customer. If those out-of-tolerance parts happened because of a measuring device that is broken or out of calibration, putting in a bit of preventative maintenance could have avoided the issue and the associated cost. Fastenal has a fully accredited, ISO17025 and A2LA calibration lab servicing all measuring devices. Again, place your item in a tote, and allow the process to work on your behalf.

How can you benefit?

A program is easy to start and provides your business with a proven path to significant cost savings. Your local Fastenal team can get you started immediately with just a few questions:

•Where do we pick up?
•Where do we drop off?
•What is your desired repair-up-to percentage versus the cost of a new item?

From there let us do the hard work and make your job of winning in a highly-competitive environment a little bit easier. Set up a time to talk with us today!

Email or reach out to your local Fastenal branch for more information.