Unique, Local Solutions for Metalworking Businesses

The Blue Team at FastenalImagine a distributor of products employing a staff trained in supply chain management and supported with the personal touch of a local customer service team. Now envision that same supply chain backed by a highly technical sales team who can consult with engineers to reduce cycle times, implement tool life management programs, and add dollars to your bottom line. You don’t have to imagine. Fastenal can offer local solutions to the issues you face today.

Local Presence

Fastenal’s commitment to local solutions includes 20,000 employees in 3,100 different markets. And when you add in the 1,000 facilities with Fastenal onsite teams and more than 100,000 vending machines spread across the continent, it’s clear no one can offer parts and solutions as quickly as Fastenal. As many competitors focus on shifting the buying experience solely to their websites, Fastenal is moving closer to customers and investing in long-term partnerships with them.

Whether you want to grow your business on an international or local scale, we are committed to supporting that growth through customer service, here or abroad. And the fact that Fastenal grew from a single, small-town store in Minnesota to a global organization demonstrates our willingness to follow a simple business strategy: We Are Where You Are.

Metalworking Specialists

Metalworking Customer ServiceWhile some companies can deliver solutions locally, Fastenal is able to provide local support with national leverage. The ability to aggregate data and provide enterprise-wide platforms is unique to Fastenal. Our 40 metalworking specialists spend 200 hours per year in training and work with technology leaders to ensure we offer the latest products and innovations focused on throughput.

Fastenal realizes your business requires answers in real time, ideally from someone who has walked in your shoes. As a result, we offer a technical support call center where our team members have more than 20 years of metalworking experience on average. Reach out to them at 844-365-8665 or email cuttingtoolsupport@fastenal.com.

The harmony that plays out between Fastenal’s onsite management program, vending solutions, and specialized regional sales representatives provides more than just a website to ensure your strategic business objectives are met. And our metalworking hotline makes sure you can always speak to a technically skilled professional.

Fastenal is where supply chain automation, industry expertise, and exceptional customer service come together. Our customers are positioned to take market share as a result of how we use local expertise, national scale, and proven results blended with technology to make meaningful changes for your business with a positive financial impact.

Need local solutions to the issues you face today? Fill out the form below or visit fastenal.com/metalworking to learn how we can help your business grow.