How Fastenal’s Onsite Program Can Help Your Business


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How Fastenal’s Onsite Program Can Help Your Business

Having the right parts and information at the right moment can make the difference between being proactive and having to troubleshoot. Lack visibility regarding the data your business collects? How much inventory do you have on hand? What are your inventory turns? Fastenal can provide answers.

Often thought of as a top-tier distributor of fastener and MRO products, Fastenal is also one of the largest metalworking distributors in North America. Growing to that size did not come through acquisition though. It developed organically by staying true to our company motto of “growth through customer service.” Our quest to serve customers is illustrated by the rise and success of our metalworking and onsite programs. 

In part, these business solutions evolved by Fastenal doing something different than many competitors. In this current digital era where more suppliers want to take orders online and drop-ship product, Fastenal strives to get closer to customers every day. In fact, our onsite programs are custom-made solutions that take many shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your business. 

Designed to improve your supply chain, these solutions are built and deployed on a local level, even within your own facility based on your specific needs. Many times our specialists see teams with two big issues: out-of-control usage of consumables and a lack of visibility and clarity regarding data. 

Because Fastenal is the leader in industrial vending solutions and has opened 1,000 onsite locations, we have seen these issues and found solutions. Couple that with our expansive network of 2,300 brick and mortar locations, 14 distribution centers, and an extensive fleet of delivery vehicles, and Fastenal’s onsite programs are a powerful way to help any supply chain manage inventory, while tracking and controlling where items are being used.

Abilities Fastenal can provide:

  • Onsite crib with Fastenal-owned inventory
  • Point-of-use bin management
  • Vending solutions
  • eBusiness solutions
  • Integrated procurement systems
  • Dedicated Fastenal service representatives
  • Specialist teams: Metalworking, Safety, Lean Six Sigma, and Engineering 

Many customers who have implemented an onsite solution from Fastenal are OE manufacturers who – in addition to supply chain solutions – needed the support of a world-class metalworking team. Fastenal has built an expansive network of highly-trained metalworking specialists to assist our onsite, local, and national customers with any of their metalworking needs well beyond simply supplying product. Some of the value added services our team of experts can offer are:

  • Custom tool manufacturing and management
  • Process design and optimization
  • Tool and cutter grinding
  • Weld-to-length bandsaw blades
  • Calibration program and services
  • Carbide recycling programs
  • On-location trainings

In short, no one has an end-to-end, scalable solution like Fastenal’s. Partner with us to eliminate waste, reduce vendors, and both simplify and optimize your supply chain. 

Contact your local Fastenal team to hear more about onsite and metalworking solutions, or learn more online: