FASTVend 10K - A Staple for Driving Productivity, Visibility, and Accountability


FASTVend 10KFASTVend 10K - A Staple for Driving Productivity, Visibility, and Accountability

Over the past decade, Fastenal’s vending program has grown from a handful of prototype machines to more than 100,000 devices driving results at customer facilities. Meanwhile, our technology lineup has expanded from a single model to 23 specialized units supporting wide-ranging customer needs. 

That includes our FASTVendSM - 10K machines (shown at right), which have become a staple for driving productivity, visibility, and accountability to production floors across North America. Here’s a look at some of the features and functionality that make the FASTVend - 10K an efficient solution for the production cutting tool category.

  • Product Density – Providing ample stocking capabilities with space to manage between 168 and 264 unique tools.
  • Minimal Space Requirements – Requiring just 10 square feet of floor space for flexible point-of-use placement.
  • Drawer Level Access Controls – Allowing you to manage access by user, department, line, machine, work cell, etc.
  • Usage Tracking – Changes in quantity are automatically sensed and reported, ensuring inventory accuracy and user accountability.
  • Package Friendly System – Minimal re-packaging requirements; single tool dispensing available.
  • Cloud Based Software – On-demand access to usage activity, user management settings, product details, and real-time QOH (quantity on hand).
  • Low Profile Design – Providing clean sight lines across the floor.
  • Emergency Access – Keyed doors allow emergency access to products (for admins only). Eliminates the unrestricted access associated with other devices.

FASTVend 10KWhen we consult with production shops about automated supply solutions, their most commonly cited goals are increased productivity, reduced downtime, and optimized cycle times. The FASTVend - 10K drives this vision by making inventory immediately accessible to machinists and operators – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The combination of access and traceability delivers a range of secondary benefits as well. For example, employees are no longer motivated to hoard expensive cutting tools, because they know the product will always be available when needed. And with real-time visibility to tools used (including custom tooling assemblies), supervisors, managers, planners, engineers are able to quickly discern changes in usage, avoiding emergencies and costly expedited shipments.

This visibility extends to the local Fastenal branch service team, who proactively monitor and replenish the devices, handle any technical issues, and quickly respond to changing production needs – a “team behind the machine” to ensure sustainable results.

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