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Renlita Custom Opening Solutions

Industry: Manufacturer of Vertical Operating Doors, Windows, and Walls
Solutions: Onsite, Vending, Custom Manufacturing, Kitting


• Outsource material management to an expert partner
• In turn, unlock resources to focus on core activities
• Consolidate vendors for custom OEM parts
• Increase speed of delivery to the line
• Reduce inventory assets, improve working capital


Industry: Dump Truck Body and Trailer Manufacturer
Solutions: Onsite, Vending, Bin Stock, Hose Fabrication, Custom Chain, Kitting


• MRO efficiency: improve access, visibility, and control
• Standardize quality of hydraulic hose assemblies
• Accelerate the flow of parts to production
• Focus labor energy on production


Industry: Construction
Solutions: Onsite, Vending, National Accounts, Safety, Integrated


• Onsite, Real-Time Inventory
• Supply Chain Management
• Inventory on Consignment
• Change Order Efficiency
• Freed-up to Refocus on Innovation
• Vending on Jobsites and Fabrication Sites
• Accountability and Traceability with Cost Management


Pierce Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing
Solutions: Vending, Bin Stock, Onsite, Specialist Suport (Lean, Safety, Metalworking)


• Faster Throughput
• Improved Agility (to Support Customized Trucks)
• More Strategic Labor Utilization
• Fewer Inventory Touches
• Point-of-Use Tool Access
• Product Expertise

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The School Board of Sarasota County

Industry: Government
Solutions: Vending, Onsite, Integrated, Safety


• Inventory Management
• Improved Product Availability 
• Sourcing Specific Parts and Consolidation of Vendors
• Personnel Focus on their Priorities
• Reduction in Consumables
• Streamlined Purchase Order Process
• Safety Expertise, Training and Inspections

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Red Dot

Industry: Manufacturing
Solutions: Vending, Bin Stock, Kitting, E-Business, Onsite, Engineering & Quality


• Managing Consumables and OEM Parts Along the Assembly Line
• Fully Managed C-Stock Fastener Program
• Point of Use Delivery of Product to Multiple Work Centers
• Eliminate Stock-Outs Through an Improved Inventory Plan
• Focus on Very Important Components to the Business
• Kaizen Expertise with Regards to Kitting Efficiencies
• Reduced Disruption in Change Over

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Triumph Fabrications

Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Solutions: Vending, Custom Manufacturing, Bin Stock, E-Business, Safety Audits, Quality Inspections


• Reduction in High Cost of Inventory
• Improved Product Availability
• Consolidation of Multiple Vendors
• Personnel Focus on their Priorities
• Reduction in Consumables
• Increased Accountability & Traceability
• Improved productivity

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Sellen Construction

Industry: Construction
Solutions: Integrated Supply & Onsite


• Managing Supply Chain
• Partnership to Source Better Than They Could
• Meet Specific KPIs
• Allow Them to Build Instead of Manage

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Sundowner Trailers

Industry: Manufacturing
Solutions: Integrated Supply, Lean & Onsite


• Start to Finish Completion Onsite
• Manage Diversified Products and Vendors
• Change Management Without Business Interruption

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