Inventory & Product Solutions

Custom Packaging

Customize anything, from kitted parts with custom labeling to complete "install and assembly" kits.

Direct Materials

Fastenal is the largest distributor of threaded fasteners in North America, with 2012 fastener sales exceeding $1.3 billion. To support our thousands of OEM customers around the world, we’ve developed the most secure and efficient direct materials supply chain in the industry, with all sides covered.

Global Sourcing

Put our global sourcing, QA, procurement, and logistics strength to work for you.

Industrial Vending

Simple, affordable solutions – including industrial vending machines, intelligent scales, and tool crib management – to streamline your supply process.

Inventory Management

We can provide just the right amount of inventory, when and where you need it, to minimize your total cost of ownership.

Process Mapping

Our inventory management specialists will work with your personnel to map how product flows through your current system and identify areas where operational costs can be reduced or eliminated.