Oil and Gas

Local Service. Local People. Local Product.

We believe great service starts with being close to our customers. That’s why we operate more than 3,000 branches worldwide, far more than any other industrial supplier. What really matters is that you’ll find a Fastenal branch near you – ready to stock your products, manage your inventory, respond urgently, and provide the kind of customer service you just can’t get from a catalog or 1-800 number.

Each Fastenal branch functions as a true entrepreneurial business, supported by our world-class sourcing, quality, manufacturing and logistics resources. Because we’re local, we’re able to:

  • Make deliveries and regular service calls
  • Anticipate your usage patterns and upcoming production needs
  • Stock high-use and critical supplies locally (so you don’t have to)
  • Manage your inventory (with detailed usage reporting)
  • Provide sourcing assistance
  • And think on our feet to solve problems and suggest improvements
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