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What are Green Products?

The term “environmentally preferable” describes products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment versus competing offerings that serve the same purpose. All of the environmentally preferable products on are identified with the designation of “green” and the green leaf symbol displayed to the right. This symbol indicates green products that are either third-party certified or non-certified, but it does not represent a certification of its own. Our goal is to identify environmentally preferred products and provide supporting details, so our customers can decide which products will help them work towards their green or sustainability initiatives. The products in our green offering promote sustainability through energy conservation, green cleaning and maintenance, waste reduction and water conservation.

Certified Green Products

Many of our products have been certified or recognized by organizations that evaluate and set standards for products with environmental benefits. For more information about these organizations and their certification processes, click on the logos below:


Non-Certified Green Products

Although not certified by a third party, these products offer environmental benefits according to information provided by the manufacturer. We offer this designation because third-party certifications don’t exist for all green products and categories. Non-certified products in our offering are considered environmentally preferable for various reasons. For example, they may reduce energy consumption, they may have low or no-VOCs (which directly affect air quality), they may contain recycled content that meets or exceeds EPA standards, etc.

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Searching for Compliance or Special Interest Products
How to filter by compliance
Additional Information

Green Product Guide

Green Product Guide

Lighting Legislation

Lighting Legislation

Searching for Green Products

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Fastenal Reporting Capabilities

Reporting on your purchases with Fastenal is available as a value-added service. Contact us to learn more.


Energy-Saving Tips

HVAC Filters

Filters should be changed once a month for optimal efficiency and performance.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

A typical building can lower its overall emissions by 13% simply by switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs. They use about 80% less electricity and last roughly 9 times as long.

Window Caulking

If it's cracked or falling away, you're probably wasting energy.

Programmable Thermostats

According to the Department of Energy, a programmable thermostat can cut heating/cooling bills by 5-20% by focusing energy use when and where it's needed.

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