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The FAST 10000SLSM is our next-generation secure locker system, utilizing sensor-driven cabinets, drawers, shelves and compartments to control a large volume and variety of supplies. The user simply enters an ID and, if authenticated, takes what’s needed – the system automatically captures and reports the details of the transaction. With various storage modules available, we can build a solution to meet your specific product needs.

Benefits Compared to Traditional Industrial Vending Solutions:

More SKUs - Multiple sensor-driven cabinets, shelves, compartments, counters and bins enable the machines to accommodate a much greater number of SKUs. The range of available sensor-based measurement technologies further widens the variety of the products that can be vended.

Greater Product Density - The design of the new systems makes more products available in less space, minimizing the "cost per bin."

Faster, Simpler Transactions - With traditional industrial vending machines, users enter pre-selections via the user interface and wait for the machine to dispense. This process is dramatically streamlined with the FAST 10000SLSM. After being authenticated and granted access to the cabinet, the user simply takes the desired item(s) directly from the machine. The embedded sensors automatically capture the details of the transaction and update the inventory in the system on a real-time basis. This automated process provides users with more visibility of the items and more comfort in making selections. It also increases the efficiency and speed of user transactions. It is amazingly easy to use.

Easier Inventory Control and Management (Faster Re-stocking) - The new hardware design requires less special packaging, while making it faster and easier to load and dispense products. It will greatly streamline the inventory management process and require significantly less time to maintain and replenish.

Multiple Customer Choices - A FAST 10000SLSM cabinet is composed of modules that contain positions with sensors for individual SKUs. The shelf modules are interchangeable (drawers are fixed, not interchangeable), making it easy to configure the unit to meet each customer’s application requirements. The capabilities presented in the different models (single-door cabinet, cabinet-drawer hybrid, and sensor-driven lockers) make multiple choices available for customers.

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Why FAST Solutions

Low Program Costs - Your local Fastenal store provides and manages the machine. Your only program cost is a low annual software hosting fee.

A Turnkey Solution - Fastenal handles everything from machine delivery and installation to product packaging and re-stocking, removing these burdens and costs from your organization.

Flexible Web Reporting - Use our secure reporting website to manage your machine's settings and view real-time inventory and usage data. You can also schedule automated reports to colleagues and receive automated text/email alerts to stay on top of any activities you need to know about.

Easy Installation and Operation - All you need to get up and running are a 110V outlet and an open Internet connection. Requires minimal effort from your IT personnel.

Available in Any Color You Long as It's Blue - And that's important, because the bright blue paint job means the machine is backed by great people and products at your local Fastenal store. Bottom line: Your machine will always be filled with the right products, and help is always right around the corner ... literally.

Cost Savings Opportunities

Reduce Consumption and Spending - You can set controls so that workers only have access to products (and amounts) needed for the job. Usage can be tracked by individual employee, as well as department, job number, cost center, location - up to six levels of user-generated information. As a result of this control and visibility, many Fastenal customers have been able to cut consumption by 30 percent or more.

Improve Productivity - Product is always immediately available to workers, meaning no stock-outs, no need to track down supervisors for needed supplies, and fewer trips back and forth to centralized storage areas. In turn, crib personnel spend less time "standing and handing," and more time on value-adding activities.

Eliminate Processing/Administrative Costs - When stock runs low, an automated replenishment notification is sent to your nearby Fastenal store, eliminating stock-outs, paperwork and costly rush orders.

Consolidate Vendors - As an efficient single source for millions of available parts, Fastenal can supply virtually any OEM, MRO and Construction product need with a single consolidated invoice, making your job easier and your business more efficient.

Reduce Labor Costs - The FAST 5000SM provides controlled access to inventory 24/7/365, eliminating the need for off-shift/weekend crib labor. Your local Fastenal store handles inventory acquisition, receiving and re-stocking, freeing you from these burdens and costs.

Cost Savings Calculator

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Cost Savings Summary

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Additional Savings Opportunities

  • Reduction of MRO On-Hand Inventory, including Drawdown of Slow-Moving & Obsolete Inventories
  • Elimination of Stock-Outs & Resultant Production Downtime
  • Reduction of Back-End Processing Transactions such as Requisitions, PO's and Invoices

Know What You Need to Know About Every Transaction

The FAST 5000SMsupports 24/7 web-based inventory management. Simply log in to our secure reporting web site - anytime, anywhere - to manage your machine's settings and view accurate, real-time inventory and usage information.

Flexible Access Controls - Create "rules" so that only individuals within a particular group can access specified items, with volume limits over time. (For example, you could apply a rule that everyone in the production department can dispense one pair of gloves per week.)

In-Depth Usage Tracking - Product is accessed via ID badge or key code, providing usage tracking down to the individual worker. You can also prompt users to input up to six levels of data (e.g., group, work cell, job, cost center, etc.), enabling you to track costs accordingly. View usage during specified time periods or comparative usage over time.

Automated Reports - Schedule reports to be sent automatically to specified individuals via email. Our automated reports are scalable from bin level, to department level, to plant level, to enterprise level.

Automated Ordering - When stock falls below the established "min" level, the system automatically sends a notification to your servicing Fastenal store. Your Fastenal representative then comes to your site and brings the machine back to a "full" state, eliminating P.O.s and stock-out situations.

Automated Alerts - Instantly receive emails or text messages keeping you apprised of any activities YOU want know about, whether that's a first-aid item being dispensed, a machine malfunction, or a sudden change in usage patterns.

Easy Data Exports - You can export data to ERP, WM, CMMS, CRM Tool Management or to Excel worksheets. Exports as CSV, PDF or XML.

Technologies and System Requirements for the FAST SolutionsSM Vending Machines

FAST Solution machines are Internet appliances that integrate the best available vending technology and secure Internet technology. To operate, they only require a 110V AC power connection and an ethernet connection. They use an embedded operating system on the controller board and do not require any software installation. They can be installed inside a company local area network behind the firewall or anywhere that has a connection to the Internet. FAST machines communicate to a remote web server via port 80 or port 8576 requests. The communication from a FAST machine to the web server is designed to be outbound only. Machines, devices or computers cannot establish a connection to FAST Solutions directly. The machines use either static IP or DHCP clients.  It only requires a 110V AC power connection and an Ethernet connection. It uses an embedded operating system on the controller board and does not need any software installation. It can be installed inside a company local area network behind the firewall or anywhere that has a connection to the Internet. The FAST 5000SM communicates to a remote web server via port 80 or port 8576 requests. The communication from the FAST 5000SM to the web server is designed to be outbound only. In other words, machines, devices or computers cannot establish a connection to the FAST 5000SM directly. The FAST 5000SM uses either static IP or DHCP clients.

Typical Deployment of a FAST Solutions Machine Behind the Firewall

FAST 5000SM Technology

FAST Solution Machines Communicate with the Web Server Through a Secured Tunnel

The machines communicate with the web server over TCP/IP through a secured data tunnel. All transactions between the machine and the web server are encrypted. When a machine is connected with the Internet, the machine will automatically register itself to the web server. The machine will not be allowed to handle transactions until it is provisioned by an authorized administrator from the web site using a special tool. The web server will establish a unique identity for each machine. All vending transactions are logged in a SQL database. Each machine will check in with the web server every 30 minutes to report that it is still operating correctly. Each transaction generated by the machine is approximately 2k bits. The network traffic generated by the machines is relatively small and should not interfere the performance of a local area network.

The Machine Behind The Machine

When you think of industrial vending, you probably think of a vending machine. But what really sets the FAST 5000SM program apart is the "Machine BEHIND the Machine" - all of the support Fastenal provides to eliminate costs, delays and hassles for your business. That includes:

Our Local Sales Force - Product and service are right around the corner at the nearest of 2,500+ Fastenal stores. Your dedicated Fastenal rep keeps the machine filled and is RIGHT THERE to offer suggestions for improvement and handle any issues.

Regional Sales Support - Our fleet of display vans allows us to bring the machines and trained FAST Specialists to your doorstep for hands-on demos and in-depth Q&A.

Regional Tech Centers - Fastenal operates regional FAST Technology Centers across North America to provide local machine configuration, delivery, installation, training, product testing and ongoing service and support. The close relationship between the Tech Center and your servicing Fastenal store eliminates conflicts and barriers, resulting in a fast, seamless transition from signed contract to full implementation.

National Distribution & Transportation - Your FAST 5000SM machine is backed by Fastenal's world-class distribution system: 2,500+ local stores, serviced by 14 regional distribution centers, moving millions of products, from thousands of quality-certified suppliers, on nearly 6,000 company-owned delivery vehicles - ALL working to provide the right products, right when and where they're needed.

National Hardware & Software Call Center - Need immediate technical support? Our experienced technicians are on call to answer your questions and walk you through any hardware or software issues. (Our Call Center operates during normal business hours. Emergency service is available through your local Fastenal store.)

Demos At Your Door Step

Utilizing our fleet of display vehicles, a trained FAST Specialist can bring the technology to your doorstep for a hands-on demonstration and in-depth Q&A. Do you want to get your hands on the machines and bring other company leaders into the decision-making process? All you have to do is step outside to the parking lot. Fill out the form below to schedule a free on-site demo today!

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